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Anyone Remember When this Was Just a Hobby?

By Kelly Burrington aka yazfan71

Well, I sure do and I miss those days. I miss the times when my friends and I would go around and collect pop bottles for the refund so we could go buy packs of cards and a bottle of pop. We’d sit down outside on the curb and rip open our packs and you’d hear a half dozen kids in harmony saying “need em, need em, got em, need em, got em….” Then the trading would commence….

“Hey, I’ll give you a Lou Brock & a Goose Gossage for that Pete Rose & Dave Concepcion?” “Nah, More >

A Fun Way to Collect Junk Wax Rookie Cards

By Richard Mock aka Paintball

The fun in collecting rookie cards is of course to predict who the future hall of famers will be and to collect the rookie cards of these future stars before they become out of reach in price. In today’s market,  this is becoming very hard to do because the rookie cards of those players that everyone thinks have future hall of fame potential start off with very high price tags. I have discovered another fun thing to do with the rookie cards of players who now have a lock into the hall of fame.  I have More >

Teen Card Collecting Struggles

By Matthew Ferreira aka Ferrari5515


This isn’t the first time I’ve written an article for one of these contests. If you recall, a while ago I wrote an article about teen card collecting, and even though my article was passed the submission date, it still got tremendous feedback. Let me explain… I’m 15 years old and got heavily into card collecting in the last month. I was doing almost all TTMs, until I recently started to buy small packs and boxes. Recently I bought a box of Topps Chrome Blaster. I had high hopes for this box, as it was the More >

Flipper…and I’m not Talking About the Dolphin

By Stephen Duell aka spuds1961


Okay today’s article has me concerned with the direction in which our hobby is going. I’ll start off slow and try to illustrate what I’m talking about.


Alright fellow collectors; do you buy a box to get personal collection cards or do you buy a box searching for that big hit you can turn around for cash? My problem with the hobby lately is it seems that there are less true collectors and set builders than there are money hungry one hit wonder Flippers.I guess I don’t really have a problem with it, but part of me More >

One Retired, The Other Was Traded

The Time For Product Adjustment Has Arrived

By RGM81 aka Richard McAdam

I have been advocating for some time now the need for the NHL Players Association to tell Upper Deck and Panini that it is time to scale back the number of licensed products on the market. This is not simply the lament of a player collector that is overwhelmed by the constant influx of new cards—though that statement certainly applies—but rather the growing concern of a hobbyist that the market is on the road to collapsing underneath its own weight. There is simply too much of everything, and only the NHLPA can do something about it.

This More >