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Player Collecting: No-Namer Vs. Superstar

Player collecting is one of the top ways that sports card collectors collect nowadays so you can imagine how difficult it might be for any one person to get every card of say Brett Favre or Alex Rodriguez. However, have you ever thought about how hard it is to get every card of a no-name veteran like Paul Byrd or Antonio Daniels?

A lot of people might think that getting a large collection of that no-name veteran would be easier task since getting say 20% of his cards would take hundreds less cards.

Using the player’s mentioned above, one can see how this theory More >

The next step of Evolution

By Linda Mankefors

We know the trend ever since the start of this new century; more jersey cards, more autographs and more rookies and lower serial numbers for each.

Anyone else but me quite tired of it?

Buying a box ”guaranteed” to contain two or three jersey cards, or even one jersey card per pack, frankly, is as thrilling as the little burp you allow yourself after breakfast at home. We’ve come to a point where a common game-used card simply is worthless. I suspect per paper weight, an envelope might cost more. It doesn’t matter if Beckett claims they’re worth $5 or More >

Organization is the Secret

I came back to collecting a year and three months ago, and while it was quite obvious to me that I wanted to collect Patrick Roy, I had no idea of the sheer volume of cards of his out there and of the level of organization it would take to seriously collect him. In the beginning, it was quite easy, I had nothing and therefore needed everything that was out there, but after a few months of solid trading, the situation changed drastically.

I realized that looking at Photobuckets and trying to remember what I did or did not have just More >

2007-2008 SP Authentic Hobby Box

Description The 2007-2008 offering of SP Authentic includes 100 base cards, 60 SP notables cards, 30 Rookie Future Watch cards and 60 autographed Rookie Future Watch cards. Each card features a picture of the player in action against a white background apart from the area immediately around the player which looks like a greyish ice surface. The sides of the card have a hint of the player’s team colour. Unlike many of its other releases, Upper Deck did not grace us with an array of parallel cards in this set, I bet the set collectors will be glad to hear this. More >

2007-2008 ITG Superlative Product Review


Description This is a brand new product from In The Game, and for many, it constitutes their answer to Upper Deck’s The Cup. However, in my opinion, they have gone one better. This product does not include any base cards, in other words, all cards are inserts with either autograph or memorabilia or sometimes both!

Each box of Superlative contains one pack only and each pack includes seven cards. Each box contains one card from each type of inserts: Autograph, Game Used Jersey, Autographed Game Used Jersey, Superlative Prospect Autographed Game Used Jersey, Game Used Patches, Special Inserts and Famous Fabrics. Only More >

A Collector’s Spring experience – a true story

By Linda Mankefors

Sunny morning, a nice breeze outside, spring temperatures bring lust and colors to life. Sun rays split my thoughts into two possible ways to spend the weekend: outside doing gardenwork or re-sort my whole collection. I push any guilty feelings away and ignore health, fitness, and tall trees threatening to fall over.

Sorting through one’s collection is one of the biggest joys of collecting, I think everyone of us collectors have a little maniac sorting devil inside of us. Not if you look around in my house of course, which may resemble more of a warzone then a home, More >