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The Ambiguity of a Player Collector

You’ve seen them. They scour trading forums like a vulture searching for carrion. They’ve instituted a fascist dictatorship over your favorite athlete on eBay. Yep, you guessed it, they’re player collectors.

I’ve often wondered what makes player collecting so appealing. As a team collector, I often feel the need to even out my cards if I feel that I have too many of one player and not enough of another. But, as I sat down and thought about it, I came up with a few reasons why there are so many player collectors out there.

The most obvious reason is because they More >

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The world of multiplayer cards

Dual autos, triple autos, quad autos, quad game-used, and now we even see double-quad game-used.

It’s like a disease spreading, munching away at the hobby. It started quite harmless many years ago, but today it has reached monstrous proportions. Have you pulled one of those multiplayer cards lately out of a pack? I’m sure you have, and some makes sense. For a team collector it must be a thrill to hold a card in your hand with 8 of your team’s players. If you’re a fan of a specific playertype (guard, goaltender, scorers, whatever it may be) it might also be More >