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Is Hawerchuk Still Influencing Jets?

In Winnipeg it Seems ‘Nepotism’ Is the Word

By Sean McCafferty aka 30ranfordfan

nepotism (ˈnɛpəˌtɪzəm) — n favouritism shown to relatives or close friends by those with power or influence

Someone needs to call Winnipeg and remind them that they’re back in the big leagues. Only a month into the life of True North Sports Entertainment’s reborn Jets franchise, owners Mark Chipman and David Thomson are already making me wonder if they’ll ever have a team better than the one they just plucked from Atlanta.

I would certainly never question the business savvy of a man like Thomson. One of the richest men in the world, the man certainly knows how More >

Ranford & Nicholls Tundra Tandems Patch /15

Best Hockey Card Manufacturer? For my money in 2011, it’s ITG

By Sean McCafferty aka 30Ranfordfan

I need to give big props to all three of the manufacturers. Trying to pick my favourite from 2011 was tough. Not only have all three manufacturers pumped out several products I really liked, but there’s still more to come (so I entirely reserve the right to change my mind once everything has been released).

Upper Deck has a dual release every year that I very much look forward to. Upper Deck Series 1 & 2. For me it’s become my standard set to build each season. With 50 Young Guns Rookie Cards in each series, it’s More >

The Rookie Card Logo May Be More Important Than We Think

By Richard Mock aka Paintball

Let us fast forward to the year 2061. Fifty years may seem like an eternity to a lot of the young collectors on this site, but in truth it is not very long when dealing with collectibles. In sports card collecting this would only take us back to the year 1961 from today’s date. Let us imagine three 25 year old baseball card collectors are discussing the cards of the greatest baseball player to ever play the game. Let us assume they are talking about Bryce Harper who in his 25 year career had posted the More >

Two Keepers in one Day

By Stephen Duell aka Spuds1961

I will start this article off by saying my wife and I did not meet in the usual way other couples meet, she being from Mississippi and I from New York. I worked for a stock clearing house in Manhattan called Midwest clearing and she worked for a company in Mississippi called Thorn, Alvis,and Welch. We had to talk to each other almost an hour everyday doing stock trades, this started in 1990. Two years down the road we knew we had to get together,so I flew into Mississippi to meet the person who probably knew More >

In The Game Products

  By Joe Simanis aka GHCHambone

In the trading card collecting world there are many different card manufacturers to choose from. That is part of what makes this hobby so great, the variety of different products out there to choose from. Choosing a favorite card manufacturer is difficult due to the number of choices and great companies out there, but to me there is one that stands out: In The Game. They consistently produce fun, unique sets that deliver a great value.


One of the reasons In The Game is my favorite manufacturer is the fact that they make many specific sets More >

Keeping Kids Interested

By Joe Simanis aka GHCHambone

To me there is no better joy than ripping open a pack of wax, finding that card you have been searching high and low for, or trading cards with another member here on Sports Card Forum. These are the things that card collecting and trading are all about. However, card collecting can be an expensive hobby at times, and this may possibly turn some kids away from the hobby. So what can be done? Here are a few of my ideas to help bring this wonderful hobby to a new generation.


Companies should produce a wide range More >