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It’s Not the Money

Byt Richard Mock aka Paintball

In the majority of the discussions I have read, most adults blame the high cost of cards as the main reason kids don’t seem to be as big in card collecting as they were in the past. Most of these articles reflect back on when a kid could go to the corner store and buy a pack of cards for 25 cents. They surmise that the card companies should go back to these days of cheap cards. I strongly disagree. In my humble opinion the product has never in its history been better than it is More >


Wow, You Collect Sports Cards, and You’re Female?

By Khendra Murdock aka DunkinDurant35

I have been collecting sports cards since the tender age of 7½ years old. I can still remember the first pack of sports cards my dad got for me back in 1992: 1991 Score football. I was excited to get a Guy McIntyre card out of the pack because I was a big San Francisco 49ers fan at the time (they were probably the most fun team to play on my favorite video game back then, Tecmo Super Bowl on the old original Nintendo!).


Basketball took over football as my number one favorite sport in 1993, but More >

An Avenue to Return Kids to the Hobby

By Brandon York aka UofLnMU


Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: collecting sports cards is one of the few multi generational hobbies America has. Right now, we risk severing that tie. When I think about the glory days of sports card collecting, like most of you folks, I think back to the dusty box of cards from my grandfather’s attic (I pulled a 1974 Mike Schmidt and a 1975 Johnny Bench from that “box break”). I heard stories from my older relatives about fabled (and likely fictional) 1951 Mickey Mantles placed inside bicycle spokes and tales of Ted Kluszewski’s More >

Are we the Problem or the Solution?

By Michael Barton aka Monticellocards

How do you think we can get the younger generation interested in card collecting? What should the manufacturers do to ensure the continuity of the hobby? What can we, as individuals, do?


Upper Deck recently ran a promotion on Facebook where they wanted collectors to give away cards to their friends or even to strangers as a gift, for nothing in return. I thought it was a fantastic idea, and when this question was posted on Sports Card Forum, I knew this was the article that I had to write this month. As someone with a few More >

Youth of our World – The Future of the Hobby we Love

By Joe Mosley aka LGB Cards

I have actually had this discussion with many people both in the past and recently. In my opinion, to keep this hobby alive we need to have more youth involvement and make an effort to maintain it. I personally think the biggest issue with the youth involvement in trading cards is the turn that the industry took around the year 2000. The addition of many game used variations and multiple autograph cards introduced us to a whole new era of card collecting and I think it was for the better but there are always two More >

Breaking Ground

By Andrew Long aka Samuwry7

You know the kind– belly spasming, knees weak, face stretched to its limits, swimming in tears and delirium, desperately trying to hold onto the surface of the earth. It’s the very best kind of laughing. On a perfect California day in 2009, this was us, my very good friend Nik and me, emerging from the Upper Deck store, surrendering our composure to our own incredulity, the irony of it all, our sheer dumb luck. We were walking away with with nearly fifteen hundred bucks worth of 2009 SP Legendary Cuts Baseball and 2009-10 O-Pee-Chee Premier hockey, More >