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The Top Stories of Summer 2012

By Richard McAdam aka RGM81

With the 2011-12 season having concluded in the coronation of the Los Angeles Kings as Stanley Cup Champions, hockey fans can now turn their attention to the bustling activities of the off-season as they prepare for what will hopefully be a full 2012-13 campaign. This past year had numerous interesting storylines, twists, turns, and swerves, ranging from the calamity in Montreal to Tim Thomas standing up Barack Obama to the return and rapid fall from grace for Alexander Radulov. It will be a year that some fans try to forget while others look to cherish it More >

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Of Luck, Life and Love

By Thomas Jenkins aka TJJenkins

Andrew Luck is more than likely going to be the newest member of the “Number One Club”, the exclusive fraternity of players drafted number one overall in the NFL Draft. But, he’s already starting his NFL career off with his name appearing next to the word “Leaf” in headlines. Now, before Colts fans have heart attacks and Chargers fans shake their heads in dismay, no, I’m not talking about former NFL first round pick Ryan Leaf, but instead, about Leaf Trading Cards.

You see, four years ago, Luck, like every other high school hopeful wanting to get More >


A Beginner’s Guide to the Inventory System

The Sports Card Forum Inventory System was built to provide collectors with a free online system to maintain and display their sports card inventory. The inventory can then be used to sell items in our storefront system or through auction. Also, it is a great resource to store and share images of your cards and could be use as a replacement to photo sharing sites.

Here are 10 inventory features you can take advantage of today.

1. Build Your Inventory (Tutorial)

Organize your cards in your house and build your inventory on SportsCardForum.com. You will be able to manage your inventory into a personal collection and/or list of items More >