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Shriners Auditorium Show – Wilmington, Mass. – November 7, 2009

By Jeff Woodward aka schwood

In early November, I attended the Shriners Auditorium card show in Wilmington, Mass. This show is run by the Greater Boston Sports Collectors Club (GBSSC). What a great show! There are close to 250 tables, and this show certainly does not disappoint. Starting last year, it is held twice a year now – once in November and once in the summer. Unfortunately, I missed the one in the summer.

As on typical day (at this show in particular), I start out by showing up early on Saturday, walk through the convention center and get a feel for More >

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SCF Member Hits Grand Slam with 2007 SP Legendary Cuts

By Don Sturm aka stewart20rulz

I have spent the last twenty three years collecting, trading, buying and every now and then, selling baseball cards. Growing up in rural Southeast Missouri, I naturally collected any St. Louis Cardinals cards I could get my hands on. I’ve never really owned any high end cards until after I started collecting Alex Rodriguez cards and memorabilia in 1996. I watched him play in Seattle against the Orioles and Cal Ripken in 1996 when Eddie Murray was attempting to hit his 500th home run. Murray didn’t reach his milestone that day, but I still had the More >


2009 TriStar Prospect + Product Review

By Don White aka Doniceage


This product was just released on November 27th so I was more than happy to receive a box to review. At first glance I see that the packaging states 11 hits per box, with the claim of “four autographs, 2 crystal ballers, 2 parallels, 2 short prints, and 1 Obak update per box.

The cards are simple and aesthetically pleasing as they do not try to be anything they are not. I do enjoy the look of the Crystal Baller cards as I will explain d further below. Also, it is worth to note that Tri-star uses More >

Topps Loses NFL License

By Matt McNabb aka ISONJ30G

It’s been six days since football card collectors received quite a shock with the news that 2009 would be the final year, for the foreseeable future, of Topps-branded football cards. But still, more questions than answers remain.

On November 9 the NFLPA’s marketing arm, Players Inc., announced it would not renew Topps’ license to produce officially licensed NFL football cards, starting with the 2010 season. This announcement caps a rollercoaster series of months for collectors:

- Topps has the exclusive MLB license starting in 2010; - Panini has the exclusive NBA license starting in October 2009; - Panini More >

Web Site Review: BlowoutCards.com

By Karine Hains aka Pheebs888

Nowadays there are fewer and fewer local card shops and more and more Internet sellers. From eBay to local stores that also have a Web site to stores that are exclusively online, the consumer has many options. Presented with all those alternatives, who should you buy from? This article will take a closer look and review one of the big players in the hobby – Blowout Cards (www.blowoutcards.com). To give you as complete a picture as possible of their Web site, we will examine it using eight criteria:

- First Impressions - Navigation - Content - Attractors More >

Coaching Upper Deck’s 2009 NHL Rookie Boot Camp

By Andrew Long aka Samuwry7

Mississauaga, Ontario – 9 A.M., inside the Hershey Center. I alternate my stare between the vacant rink and the rumpled, dog-earred paper with my Upper Deck-approved lines on it. I know them backwards and forwards, and I also know I’ll almost certainly improvise beyond them, but for now, it’s the only thing to do from being overtaken by nerves.

Nearby, middle managers and minnows of Upper Deck scuttle, making preparations. In just an hour, 14 NHL rookies will arrive to begin shooting the 2009 Upper Deck NHL Rookie Debut Boot Camp, and on the first “action” call More >