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I'd rather draft her. Hellooooooo Nurse!

I Feel a Draft

by Drew Pelto aka *censored*

As a Cleveland native, I really don’t have a whole lot to live for in the sports world. The Browns are perennial cellar dwellers, the Indians don’t have the financial ability in MLB’s broken system to do much more than build for a big run every four years before blowing it up and starting again, and the Cavs are still a couple years away from contention with the additions of Irving, Thompson, and whoever they get in the next couple of drafts.

But the NFL Draft is our one Sports Christmas moment. It’s the one time where hope More >

Jeff Carter was a huge dissapointment in Columbus

NHL Western Conference Playoff Preview

By Sean McCafferty aka 30ranfordfan

With teams having about ten games remaining, now appears to be a great time to look back on my early season predictions, see how badly I called this year’s NHL race to unfold, and make a few bold predictions as to what will happen between now and when Lord Stanley’s Mug is handed out.

My early season predictions for the Western Conference had a nice mix of accuracy, and being totally off base. Of the five teams I considered to be playoff locks, four of them are looking very good. Vancouver and Detroit are sitting in very More >

My Formative Years

By Michael Roche aka DiebytheCubs

This Sunday, I will be turning 20 years old. Unfortunately, birthdays now are not the momentous occasions they were when I was younger. Each year, the presents now get blander and I am less excited to grow up. While a pack of socks may make a good present this year, years ago that would never have been the case. When I was younger, I would get excited for a Hot Wheels track or Super Soaker. Those toys were fun, but they rarely lasted. Thirteen years ago though, I was given my best birthday present ever, my More >