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Common Sense Trading

By Sean Ruml aka Srman77

As I begin to write this article, I felt it necessary to premise this with a word of wisdom for rookie and veteran traders alike. Those words are simply this…Treat the person, or person’s that you are trading with as if they were you on that other side of the trade and, not just another trader with a screen name. I say this in having to have dealt with a couple of minor issues that came a while back with a couple of traders. It was nothing so majorly horrible that I would have to report More >

Eastern, Florida State, & Appalachian Balls!

16 Days of Baseball – Part 5: The Voyage Home

By Sean McCafferty aka 30ranfordfan

16 Days of Baseball – Part 5: The Voyage Home

Friday morning came, after three great nights of baseball in Florida, but the 1,468 Miles separating me from home were suddenly looking a lot farther than they had months earlier when I planned this trip. I basically had a 24 hours of driving ahead of me, with three days to get it done. I had to stop back into Zephyrhills to drop my friend off (he flew into Myrtle Beach where I met him, and was flying out a couple of days later from Tampa) so I More >

Octavio Dotel in the Cardinals Bullpen

16 Days of Baseball – Part 4: Florida

16 Days of Baseball – Part 4: Florida

Sunday morning in Myrtle Beach came, and it was time for yet another long drive. Unfortunately, this one started out a little hung over, and we had a little better than nine hours of car time ahead of us; the destination being Zephyrhills, Florida. What’s in Zephyrhills? Well, not a lot apparently, other than a free place to stay and close proximity to a lot of baseball.

It turned out to be a relatively easy drive, but a very long day. We didn’t get the chance to do much that Sunday, other than a More >

Should Rules Governing Rookie Cards Be Changed?

By RGM81 aka Richard McAdam

It has happened to all of us, either directly or vicariously through watching someone break a box of the latest product. We have all experienced at one time or another that terrible feeling that creeps up the back of your head when you come to the

Three NHL Games and 5 RC’s

realization that you have pulled a bunch of dud rookies from your break. While not every box break has an A-level pull like a Steven Stamkos or a Taylor Hall, there are just too many breaks where people pull nothing higher than a B-minus rookie More >