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A Lesson Learnt in an Unlikely Place

By Andrew Hoyler aka Andrew Hoyler

One Friday, I went to the Chantilly, VA card show with my uncle. I had just gotten paid in the morning, so I had a few extra bucks to spend. I got together the cards I needed to complete my sets for 2002 Topps and a few random other ones. I used the Inventory Manager on www.sportscardforum.com, which lessened my work! I love that thing. Anyways, I also got the list of Andrew Bailey cards I needed (which I left at home. Heh, oh well). I met my uncle there, before we went our separate More >

Changes the Card Companies Need to Make for the Greater Good

By Alex Kupka aka mnlax13

Like many collectors on this site, I am quite fed up with the card companies and many aspects of their products. To start off if I could change things about companies the first thing that I get them to do is to start inserting more decoys. Many people view pack searchers as a cardinal sin in the hobby. They’re looked down upon and many believe that people that commit this act are ruining the future of collecting for our youth. I have been to big box stores and have seen people searching for some relic or More >


Negro League Collecting – How one Thing Led to Another

By Guy Mitchell aka sweetg1

As many of you know, I’ve collected Negro League cards and memorabilia since the early 1990’s. I had collected cards since the mid-1970s when my Dad bought me my first pack of cards. The collection started when I learned that my great-uncle Henry Clay Wall played in the Negro Leagues. He wasn’t a big name and he didn’t play for any big teams.

Having loved baseball since I was little, I never took to the time to ask my Grandma who the picture was in her room. The picture was always there, but I always looked at More >

My Wife and my Hobby

By Michael Reuben aka mreuben

So when I first met my wife, I had a bedroom specifically devoted to baseball cards. Stacks littered the floor as I sorted and organized, really diving into not just collecting, but trading at that point. When she first came over, I was nervous that she would see this… let’s call it youthful past time and be a little discouraged by the whole thing.


Well, instead of her rolling her eyes over the hobby, she became more and more supportive of my interactions. Right away, she started buying me loose packs and blaster boxes when she went More >


Average Joes


By Jeff Scuicco aka qualum23


I can remember when I was younger, going to the local sports card show at the Howard Johnson motel in Middle town, New York. I can remember the hours I spent looking through binders and boxes of cards, trying to find the players that I wanted the most (Don Mattingly and Mark Messier were the icons of my generation in New York). I can also remember always wanting to buy packs of cards, and always asking my father for a loan. I distinctly remember buying some packs of 90-91 Pro Set Hockey (the blue wrappers!).


My father, More >

Everybody in the Pool!

By Stephen Duell aka Spuds1961

 I know weird title for a sports card article,but read on and you’ll see why.

I was going through some of my older cards, not really old just circa 2001 thru 2007. As I was doing this it made me realize how much I miss some of the cool cards Donruss had put out before their contract for baseball was revoked. I was looking at my fabric of the game Tom Seaver GU autograph numbered 3/5 with him in his Mets uniform with a nice blue pinstripe on the jersey piece. This one card made me realize More >