Enshrined – Is it Gold or Just Shiny

By Linda Mankefors aka Razzamaztaz

ITG’s new flagship Enshrined which is now on the horizon has risen more than a few eyebrows, most in sheer anticipation and joy, some in scepticism when the retail price has been announced.

An all Hall of Fame checklist makes it unique in its kind. We’ve seen old timer products, 06-07 Parkhurst and 08-09 Masterpieces come to mind, but none of them contains 100% HoFers. With a new concept, new design and their most luxury product yet to date, I felt it was time to ask Dr. Price a few questions on his new creation.


The base card More >

Live Chat with Upper Deck

Chris Carlin, the Sports Marketing Manager for Upper Deck, joined members for a chat on 22 April, 2010 from 7-8 PM Eastern Standard Time. Below is most of the transcript from the night. We also conducted an interview with Chris a few days before.

Start of Live Chat

mikesilvia: Is Upper Deck planning on getting back into NASCAR?

Chris Carlin:1st – There is no players association so you have to secure deals with each individual driver, very tough.2nd – When we did it, the drivers all had to give approvals on each of their cards. If they didn’t like how they looked, More >

Interview with Chris Carlin of Upper Deck

By Michael Silvia

Chris Carlin is the Sports Marketing Manager at Upper Deck and in many ways the face of the company for most collectors. I had a chance to ask Chris some questions about his interest in the sports card hobby and some questions related to the processes and procedures at Upper Deck.

Do you collect cards? Any favorite sets? Players/teams?

I was really immersed in collecting as a kid. I had three older brothers and my father who all collected. I kind of inherited their collection which was really awesome. Their cards were all from the late 70’s primarily with a More >

Interview with Josh Pankow of Atlanta Sports Cards

Thousands of collectors dream of owning their own sports card shop or sports card related business. Only a few try and even fewer succeed. With over 15 years in the retail business, Atlanta Sports Card has become a major force in the hobby. To get some insight into the world on online and brick-and-mortar retailing, I conduced an interview with the owner of Atlanta Sports card Josh Pankow.

What year did Atlanta Sports Card start up? How many owners are there? How many workers?

I started Atlanta Sports Cards about 3 and a half years ago. I am the sole owner. I More >


An Interview with Kevin Ohme (Former St. Louis Cardinal)

An Interview with Kevin Ohme By Daniel Poor aka Stl_Cardinals_Fan

Kevin Ohme is a former pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals. Although he had a brief Major League career, Mr. Ohme played a total of 12 professional-level seasons including two in Japan and several years in the Twins farm system. Here is a link to his career statistics:…d=ohme–001kev


Sports Card Forum: Did you play any other sports besides baseball while in high school and college? Kevin Ohme: No I did not. I wish I would have tried to play football though.

SCF: What led you to decide that a career in baseball was More >