MLB Adventures

By Kobe Lorendo aka kobewild99


MLB’s Prince Fielder is my favorite player. I last went to a game in 2008 with my father which likes the Cardinals I might add. I love when we go to games together because he always brags about the Cardinals while I get the last laugh with the bragging. The reason I like the Brewers was because of Prince Fielder when I was young my father showed me a bobble head of him and it said 50 home runs! Now to me, when I was little, that was a lot of home runs. Then for a More >

Enter the Sandman…Again

By JR Lebert aka jrlebert

Alex Rodriguez said it all, as he watched 42-year-old Mariano Rivera crumple on the warning track after shagging a fly ball off the bat of freshly minted Yankee Jayson Nix: “Oh my God. Oh my God.” This was probably the same sentiment heard aloud in every bar, barbershop, and deli in New York as the replay made its way through the airwaves and the web. Would the last image of the great Mariano be that of him hoisted onto the back of a John Deere by former battery mate and current manager Joe Girardi?

According to Rivera, More >

The Four Saddest Words

By Pedro Maicazo aka metsmagic18

What could have been.  John Greenleaf Whittier coined this phrase back in 1856. Little did he know,  these words would end up meaning a lot in the world of sports. The poem is about a maid who meets a judge. They fall in love but end up marrying other people, while wondering their whole lives;  ”what might have been?” . Similarly, in every day sports you find these guys. Not all of them are so well known. Everyone knows Drazen Petrovic,  Len Bias,  Armando Galragga’s perfect game. But there are so many of these players, these More >