2009-10 Donruss Elite Basketball Card Preview

2009-10 Donruss Elite Basketball is scheduled to be released on 25 Nov, 2009. Each box will contain 20 packs with each pack containing five cards. Each box will contain two autograph cards and one memorabilia card. Collectors can expect to pay $100 a box. Check out eBay to compare box prices!

2009-10 Donruss Elite Basketball Details:

Box Hits Two Autographs and One Material Card, Ten Seq. #ed Inserts including One Die-Cut Parallel

Case Hits Autograph of one of the following; Blake Griffin, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, Bill Russell, Larry Bird, Oscar Robertson, Bob Cousy or Jerry West

Rookie Autographs Blake Griffin, Hasheem Thabeet, James Harden, Tyreke Evans, Jonny Flynn, More >

2009-10 Upper Deck Basketball Card Review

2009-10 Upper Deck Basketball is scheduled to release 22 Sep, 2009. Expect to pay $70-$90 per 2009-10 Upper Deck Basketball box. Each box will contain 16 packs with each pack containing 20 cards.  Collectors can expect three to five memorabilia cards and one autograph cards per box. Check out eBay for some great prices on boxes of 2009-10 Upper Deck Basketball!


  • Collect The Largest Signature Set Ever Produced In Upper Deck! The 200 Card Ud Signature Collection Set!
  • Three Memorabilia Cards In Every Box!
  • Includes Up To Two Dual Swatch Memorabilia Cards Per Box!
  • One Autograph In Every Box!
  • Look For Hot Boxes With More >

Topps sued over NBA autographs

Nine NBA players, including Derrick Rose, Antawn Jamison and Tracy McGrady, claim Topps Co. refused to pay them as promised for their autographs on trading cards. The hoopsters say they were promised from $3 to $50 apiece for their signatures, by the hundreds or thousands.

Tracy McGrady says he was offered $50 apiece for 1,000 John Hancocks; Deandre Jordan says he was offered $3 apiece for 4,000.  Darryl Augustin Jr. claims Topps promised him $8 apiece for 4,000 autographs; Terrance (TJ) Ford claims Topps promised him $6 apiece for 500 autographs; Antawn Jamison claims Topps promised him $10 apiece for 500 More >

2009-10 UD SP Signature Edition Basketball Card Preview


2009-10 UD Signature Edition Basketball releases on 1 September, 2009. There are one pack per box and four cards per pack. Collectors can expect to pull two autographs per box of 2009-10 UD Signature Edition Basketball. Expect to pay around $50 per box. Check out eBay to compare box prices!

CONTENT HIGHLIGHTS: (On Average) - Two Autographs In Every Box! Look For 2, 3, And 4 Star Signature Cards! - Every Autograph Card Is Foil Numbered!


Autographed Cards: (2 per pack, on average)

  • SP Signature Rookies (# to 199)
  • SIGnificance (Varied #)
  • INKcredible (Varied #)
  • 2 Star Signatures (Varied #)
  • 3 Star Signatures (Varied #)
  • 4 Star Signatures More >

My Trip to the 2009 Nationals

By Dan Gladstone aka gladdyontherise

The 2009 Sports Card National Show was only the second different card show I had ever been to before. However, it will most likely be forever my most memorable show of my life. It all started two months before the show even took place. Sports Card Forum had brought up this show and I knew that I wanted to go. I was able to convince my mom to let me go and for her to come with me (someone had to pay for the trip). I also had to save money up so I had something More >

2009-10 Topps Basketball Card Preview

2009-10 Topps Basketball is schedule to release on 27, August 2009 and will retail for about $60-70 a box. Collectors can expect 36 packs per box and 10 cards per pack.  Each pack will contain nine Topps Basketball Cards and one parallel card. Expect two relic cards per box and one autograph card inserted one per three boxes. Check out eBay to find great prices on some boxes!

2009-10 Topps Basketball Product Highlights:

  • 110 High-Flying Chrome Rookies & Veterans!
  • Topps Exclusive Mcdonald’s All-American Signed-On Cards!
  • NBA All-Star Game-Worn Multi-Relic Cards!
  • NBA Rookie Photo Shoot Signed-On Jersey Letter Patch Cards!


  • 2 Relic Cards per Hobby More >