Way to Go NBA!

By Stephen Duell aka Spuds1961

First off, let me preface this by saying I’m not too big of a basketball fan to begin with, but these guys are just plain stupid.

I find it hard to sympathize with owners or players who have never worked an honest day of hard work in their lives. The NFL was on the brink of a long strike but in the end they got it right and reached a settlement, way to go NFL! Football is also one of my favorite sports so I was glad to see they salvaged their season. The NBA on the More >


The Complete Account on my JJ Hickson Personnal Collection

By Cavsfanatic21

People often ask me why I have such a passion for collecting cards of current Sacramento King, JJ Hickson. Although it may sound very easy to explain, it is somewhat of a mouthful. To start this explanation, I should give everyone a quick synopsis of my years as a collector.

When I was younger, I used to collect cards of all sports. However, back then there were no cards as there are now in the hobby. The most I would do back then is what most kids that age would do. On occasion, I would go to the local K-Mart More >