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Hall of Famer?

By Kyle Gillbraith aka TheNati#22

Is Ken Riley the most underrated defensive back to ever play in the NFL? I think so and here is why…

Riley played 15 seasons from 1969 to1983 all with the Cincinnati Bengals. In that time, he amassed 65 interceptions, 596 return yards off interceptions, 18 fumble recoveries and 5 interceptions returned for touchdowns. These numbers are good for 5th all-time in career interceptions and where are the 4 guys in front of Riley? All 4 are in the hall of fame, 7 of the top 11 all-time interception leaders are in the Hall of Fame 3 More >


How to Win your 2013 Fantasy Football League

By Jordan Marino aka jmarino76

This is a guide that will give you the formula for drafting a winning fantasy football team. The information is coming from the mind of a self-proclaimed fantasy football guru. But don’t let the self proclaimed title discourage you from drafting with my ideas, as I have quite a few titles under my belt. I will give you sleeper picks for 2013, and I will let you in on the secret that drafts me a top seeded team year after year. This article is based on ESPN Standard leagues, but the strategies and sleeper picks are More >

Back in my Day

By Rob Holt aka robholt91

The ever changing phrase; “It was better in my day”… Are our views subjective or is there truth to that? You always hear older guys talk about the good old days in football, guys taking huge hits, no face masks, hardly any penalties, and let alone any rules. Yes, I’m sure that was great, a bar room brawl on the gridiron squaring up huge guys and smashing them together, but where is longevity in that? The commissioners of the NFL have gone to great lengths to protect their investments and their brand. With the amount of More >

The Down and Distance

By Rob Holt aka robholt91

It’s fourth and inches, with the game clock winding down twenty to seventeen. Your team is up by three and every part of your body is screaming “Win!” and in that split second, the snap. It’s a run, your team lined up for pass. He breaks one tackle, two, three, and the clock is running down. From ten to zero, from the fifteen to the goal line, your team’s playoff hopes were crushed. The 16 games of blood, sweat, and tears all seemingly down the drain. Why? By one simple error in judgment, the game clock More >


By Kyle Gilbraith aka TheNati#22

Vontaze Burfict was the highest rated inside linebacker coming out of high school in 2009. A legitimate 5 star recruit and one of the highest rated recruits to ever sign a letter of intent with Arizona State University. After an All-American type sophomore season where he was ASU’s first 1st team All-America since Terrell Suggs he struggled to stay in shape and keep his focus on the field and in the class room. It was also a challenge to make eligible grades to continue his career but he did manage to get his GPA high enough More >

Childhood Jealousy and Peyton

By John Osborne aka lzjp16

Baseball card collecting was a hobby my best friend and I enjoyed. With the limited money we earned weekly doing various chores and begging our parents, we’d head to the local Walmart and splurge on a pack or two of cheap baseball cards. After ripping the packs open, the 1 year old Beckett or Tuff-Stuff came out and we’d search all over for our cards. Eventually, my step-brother, who is a few months younger than me, moved in with my family. We became inseparable and he became my best friend. Eventually he joined the hobby so More >