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Effect of NFL Player Movement on the Fan Base


By Thomas Adams aka Cardncasebreak

Do you have a favorite sports team? Think about your favorite player on that team. Now imagine you just found out that they have been traded, retired early, or entered free-agency unexpectedly. How would you feel? Upset, relieved, happy, sad, angry, or just plain frustrated? You have that feeling? Now, also imagine you are an avid sports card and memorabilia collector. You have collected all the cards, autographs, jerseys, and memorabilia from your favorite star. But now he/she is moving to another team. Does this devalue the current memorabilia? Or the future team gear? Let’s take More >

Why I Collect

By Robert Bullough aka Kurri17


As collectors, the cards we collect and our reasons for collecting vary widely. We all have our story, especially us old guys, and here is mine.


I remember the first card I ever owned, a 1971 Topps Dick Green. I was seven. I don’t recall how it came into my possession, nor did I realize what that single card was going to inspire. I’ll be honest, at that time I didn’t even know who Dick Green was, with the only athlete that I recall having knowledge of at that time being Johnny Unitas. But the times they More >