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This Moment Changed the Way I See Card Collecting

By Wayne Rogers aka redskinfanva

When I was a kid in elementary school we would walk to school every day. Riding a bus was uncommon back then. There was a 7-eleven close to our school so myself and usually 2 of my buddies would walk there before and after class just about every day. My buddies went to buy gum and sell it when they got to school. I used my money to purchase Topps football cards because I liked football and as a bonus I got that nice tasty powdered brick-like gum. Once you got the gum to soften up More >

Will They or Won’t They?

By Brett Johnson aka Chargerfan46

I have been an NFL junky all of my life and this is the worst possible thing to happen all the way around. Unfortunately the true underlying motive is GREED! Both sides are guilty of this. The players want a bigger piece of the pie while the owners want to keep it. My take from both sides is as follows:

The players do not want to play an 18 game season and I do not blame them for that. The wear and tear on their bodies is great enough without adding two more games. I would be More >

The Best of the Best Is…

By Zach Arms aka karnivore

Nine years ago, Donte’ Lamar Stallworth was thought of to have a brilliant future. Drafted with the thirteenth pick in the 2002 NFL Draft, he was considered by most experts to have the biggest upside of all the players going in the draft. Combining elite speed and soft hands, Stallworth had everything going for him. Nine years and five football teams later, Donte’s NFL career is all but over. His first four years in the league saw some glimpses of promise, but nagging injuries derailed his first two years and has limited him in others. But More >

Everyone Dies But How Many of us Truly live?

By Thomas Gast aka munchiesthemonkey 

This year the champions will be…( insert your favorite team name here). Every single year just like last year. Some of you reading this understand heartache, the flood of emotions felt so deep for want of the ultimate prize, but year after year your consolation prize is defeat – the type of dejected feelings reserved for the poor kid picked last when choosing soft ball teams in elementary school. The hurt is a rare kind of pain felt deep in your core being, yet no medication can be prescribed to alleviate your sorrow.

My San Diego Chargers. More >


NFL Players Show Off Their Artisit Side

Topps announces it will be adding its popular player sketch-cards as additional hits to the highly-anticipated Five Star Football.  Several gridiron stars have added their artistic skills including Tony Romo, Reggie Wayne, Vincent Jackson, LaDainian Tomlinson, Maurice Jones-Drew, Roddy White, Matthew Stafford, C.J. Spiller, Matt Ryan, Mike Williams, Tim Tebow, Aaron Hernandez and many more.

Each original 1 of 1 drawing features the artist/player’s signature on the card’s back.

The hobby exclusive Topps Five Star Football hits stores late February.