Coming Soon: ITG Decades

In The Game will be releasing Decades – The 80′s on June 2, 2011 and we are excited.

Decades is the second product we are releasing based on an extensive poll voted on by collectors two years ago. We asked what was the most significant year in hockey history.

1972 narrowly won the poll over 1980 and a hockey trading card product was produced last year to commemorate 1972. This product sold out quickly and is still highly collected today.

Now we have turned our attention to 1980.

There were so many events in the 1980′s decade, we choose to feature the entire decade More >


Collecting Highlights

By Karine Hains aka Pheebs888

I’ve now been back in the collecting foil for 5 years, what started as a childhood obsession faded away in my teens only to return with a vengeance when I was 26 years old and in exile in England.  After 5 years of chasing Roy and Brodeur cards I have made many deals, met many people online and offline and learnt a lot about this hobby. Sure there were some low points, in fact I’m going through such a low right now which is why I thought I’d write this article to remind myself about the More >

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SCF booth

Montreal Card Show Report

By Karine Hains aka Pheebs888

For us card collectors, attending a card show always makes for a fun day but I’ll tell you what makes it even more special; attending it to promote Sports Card Forum. Not only do you get to tell plenty of people about an awesome site but chances are you get to meet members in person as well, allowing you to put faces on the numerous user names you see on a daily basis. Last weekend, I was lucky enough to attend a card show in Montreal to spread the word about SCF.


Luc, another moderator on the More >