2009-10 SP Game Used Hockey Card Preview

2009-10 SP Game Used Hockey releases on 28 Jan, 2010. Each box will contain six packs with each pack containing three cards. Each pack of 2009-10 SP Game Used Hockey will include one memorabilia or signature card. Discuss this product in our hockey forum!

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2009-10 SP GAME USED HOCKEY CONTENT HIGHLIGHTS: - Get 1 Memorabilia or Signature card in each pack! (on avg.) - Marks of a Nation are added to the signed, manufactured patch card lineup! *Letter Marks and Number Marks return as well! - HUGE HITS – Four-Swatch Game Gear Cards! *Find Jersey/Patch/Tag Patch/Fight More >

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Hockey Cards: The Battle for Market Share

By Joey Collins aka Joecoolio

Hockey cards have been around for a long time. The first hockey cards were included in cigarette packages from 1910 to 1913. After World War I, only one more cigarette set was issued, during the 1924-25 season by Champ’s Cigarettes. From 1933 until 1941, O-Pee-Chee printed hockey cards, stopping production for World War II. Toronto’s Parkhurst Products began printing cards in 1951, followed by Brooklyn’s Topps Chewing Gum in 1954-1955. O-Pee-Chee and Topps did not produce cards in 1955 or 1956, but returned for 1957-58.

So now we have a bit of history of when hockey cards More >

Young Hockey Phenoms: The Hockey Card Effect

By Joey Collins aka Joecoolio

Ever since Sidney Crosby entered the NHL and was eligible to be on an official rookie card (he was depicted on cards while in junior, but these were not considered rookie cards), it seems the hockey card industry has come back to life. We all remember the thrill of buying packs in the 1980s as children, even though they were basically worthless (at the time) and each pack only cost 35 cents. We also remember the rise and fall of the hockey card in the early 1990s. Although none of us like to admit it, the More >

Jersey Cards – A Special Place in our Hearts

By Joey Collins aka Joecoolio

As an avid sports card collector, I have seen the days where cards were just cards. Even rookie cards were not marked. We all saw the rise and fall of sports cards in the early 1990s. It seemed everyone was out to make a buck on older cards. Nowadays we see several different kinds of cards. We see base cards, autographs, inserts, parallels, and we also see a special kind of card that contains game- or event-used pieces of equipment. Originally these cards were very rare and only contained pieces of a player’s jersey. These special More >

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Rookie Cards – The Passion of Hobby Collecting

By Joey Collins aka joecoolio

From the mindset of a young collector, the thrill of opening a pack of hockey cards is indescribable. When you’re a kid, you know nothing of boundaries. Personally, I would imagine there were a million cards and every pack I opened would bring forth new and wondrous pictures, teams and players. Every player was a superstar; there was no such thing as a common player. I would always cherish when I pulled a card of a team captain. Every year I would look forward to buying the new season of O-Pee-Chee hockey cards. I remember collecting More >

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Five Hockey Players to Watch in 2009/10

By Kevin Lee aka gosens151911

With the 2008/09 season finished and the 2009/10 one quickly approaching, it’s once again time for collectors to start watching the fluctuation of card values begin. The 2009/10 season is important for many players to either solidify their place as NHL stars or become the fateful draft bust. Many collectors will definitely be watching many players closely. Here are five players whose upcoming season will no doubt have the biggest impact on their card values.

5. Justin Pogge Pogge had already been named the goalie of the future for the Leafs before even playing a single NHL game. More >