Is the Hockey Card Hobby Healthy?

Or is it twirling into its unavoidable doom? It may seem real healthy despite the worst financial global crisis since 1930’s, despite collapsing economies, despite layoffs and desperate people with no help in sight. But the hockey card products keep on selling.

That in itself should be a great proof the hockey card products are healthy, alive and foolproof of financial collapses. That, my friends, is smoke and mirrors. Some of us said already seven to eight years ago that the game-used craziness would lead the hobby to its grave within a decade, but the years after 2004’s lockout have been More >

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2009-10 Upper Deck Artifacts Hockey Card Preview

2009-10 Upper Deck Artifacts Hockey delivers one hit in every pack. Each box is packed with two rookie cards, three Memorabilia cards, one Autograph, three numbered subsets/parallels and one potentially awesome Rookie Redemption card!


  • 4 Cards/Pack
  • 10 Packs/Box
  • 16 Boxes/Case

Each 2009-10 Upper Deck Artifacts Hockey Box Contains:

  • Three Artifacts memorabilia cards!
  • At least 1 will be a combo-player card!
  • One Auto-Facts signature card!
  • Featuring the best Artifacts has to offer!
  • Two Rookie Cards!
  • Many future stars reside in the 2009-10 class!
  • One Rookie Redemption card – It could be Tavares, Hodgson, Van Riemsdyk or Hedman!!
  • One low-numbered parallel card!
  • Rare versions equate to great value!
  • Two Legends or Stars subset cards!

Box Break:

2008-2009 O-Pee-Chee Premier Product Review

By Karine Hains, Editor-in-Chief


While the season is now over in the NHL, the high-end collecting season is only just starting. A few weeks ago, Upper Deck treated us to Ultimate Collection and the have now followed it up with O-Pee-Chee Premier. This year is Premier’s sophomore season and if you invested in some of this product last year, you are not in for any big surprises.

As per last year, the design of the cards is polished and efficient, smart and sleek. There is definitely no fault with the overall aspect of the product and it should satisfy the fussiest customers. More >

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2008-09 The Cup Hockey Card Preview Part 2

The first 2008-09 Upper Deck The Cup Hockey Card preview was posted in late May. Here are some additional scans and close up shots of some of the major hits from the set.

2009-10 Upper Deck Black Hockey Card Preview

2009-10 Upper Deck Black Hockey is the other high end hockey pack that compares to Exquisite. Each pack contains two high end cards and guarantees one Rookie Letterman Patch and one autograph or multi-swatch card. There are lots of new concepts in the 2009-10 Black Hockey to include 12-Jersey Swatch Gate Fold cards.

Each 2009-10 Upper Deck Black Hockey Pack Contains:

  • Two Awesome cards!
  • One Rookie Lettermen Patch and one Auto or Multi-Swatch card!

NEW ADDITIONS for 2009-10 Black Hockey:

  • 12-Jersey Swatch Gate Fold cards!
  • Black Ice Quad Jersey & Autograph Jerseys!
  • Trophy Winners Dual & Triple version Book cards!
  • One autograph cut + 2 or 3 signatures is More >

2008-09 The Cup Upper Deck Hockey Card Preview

Here is a first look at Upper Deck’s The Cup Hockey product! Upper Deck recently resigned Alexander Ovechkin to an autograph deal so his first new autographs will be found in The Cup.

Each tin will contain two signed patch cards with one of them being a signed rookie patch card. What is new with the 2008-09 The Cup product? The set will honor the 500 Goal Scorers, A Wayne Gretzky Signature Insert and  “Canada’s Factory of Hockey Excellence.” You will also find Signed Draft Board cards right from the stage!

Collectors will find 1 of 1 dual-sided NHL shield cards,  stick More >