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NHL 2008-2009 O-Pee-Chee Product Review

By Karine Hains,  Editor-In-Chief


Normally, I tend to stick to higher end products I don’t know why but I just do. A week and a half ago however, I felt like busting a box just for the fun of opening packs. Looking at what was currently available; I decided to go for a box of 08-09 O-Pee-Chee. Truth be told, I’m glad I did…as soon as I removed the plastic wrapper from the box and opened it I was exposed to a sheer blast from the past. Looking at the plastic like pack wrappers, I felt like I had gone back More >

Splitting Hairs – New Wonders of “used”

By Linda Mankefors 

Reading the October issue of Beckett’s multisport magazine, I got two giggle moments. First one, when I noticed they actually cut up the racing shoes from race drivers to put on cards. Perhaps there’s no difference from cutting up skates, but skates are very much mentally connected to their sport (hockey), while shoes don’t exactly bring to mind any sort of racing. As I was thinking “what will they cut up next?” I saw the cut cards with one piece of hair from historical figures like Lincoln or Napoleon.

Strangely I’ve missed this new big hobby news. I know More >

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The Goal

Guest article by Hockeygrampy

The year was 1970…were you even born yet?  I would suggest that many of you were not… Gasoline was just $0.36 cents a gallon, a first class stamp was $0.06 cents, you could buy a dozen eggs for $0.62 cents while a gallon of milk was $1.15!  The president of the United States was Richard M. Nixon and the Dow-Jones average was at 842.

Well, I was a tender 27 years old in 1970, married with no children yet, but my wife was expecting our first child in September.  She was working as a book keeper in Boston More >

2008 NHL Upper Deck Black

By Karine Hains, Editor-In-Chief


In yet another high end release, Upper Deck recently launched Black. With great designs, the cards look incredibly smooth and slick. As with any high priced product, the checklist includes plenty of memorabilia and autographs. On most cards, the dominant color is black and depending on the insert set of the cards you pull various colors complete the effect. Even the outer packaging of this release says high end; with a black box, complimented by a golden seal and two mini-boxes sealed on the inside it will take you a while to get to the actual cards.

Box More >

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Hockey Fever: Then & Now

Guest article by Hockeygrampy

Well, I realize that today, many of the current hockey card enthusiasts are probably youngsters!  And believe me, that’s a good thing!  I know that it was when I was a youngster growing up in the Boston area!  My dad, who was a hard-working laborer in those days, struggled to take care of his family.  He would shop at the famous Boston “open air” discount market in the North End a couple of times each month and always looked for bargains in the local supermarkets.  This is what he did to help make ends-meet.

But because dad was born More >

Collecting Swedish Style

Guest article by Le’Andre 

 On September 28th my brother and I attended an annual Swedish collectors show. It was held in an area called Nacka in south central Stockholm, focusing mainly on hockey cards from the NHL and the Swedish Elitserien. There are three shows being held in Stockholm Sweden the biggest one being in late October. There will be a few shows in Finland and most probably in other Scandinavian countries. The people behind this show are called “The Card Cabinet” and they are the leading Swedish company in hockey cards and memorabilia.

As soon as we stepped into the room More >