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The Nightmare of Thick Patch Cards Comes True

By Linda Mankefors

 Ever since half a decade we’ve all grown childishly fond of thick patch cards; when done right, it’s hard to beat the beauty of it. So how do we keep such cards in best intact condition? Handle it as little as possible, it’s well known how easily thick cards are dinged, even the slightest nudge can make a tiny bit of a corner white. If you pull it from a pack, you put it straight into a screwdown holder, same thing if you buy or trade for one. No moist environment, not too dry, not too hot, not More >

Taking the Hobby on Holiday

When summertime comes around, a lot of people feel like going on holiday, and for many of those, it means hitting the beach. For me, normally, holiday means going back home to Quebec, and while one of the main attractions of this destination is seeing everyone and everything I miss, another one is to go on a hockey card spending spree. Living in England, when its time to buy cards; singles or boxes, I have to turn to the Internet as there are no shops on this side of the pond to fuel my addiction.

This year, I spent three weeks More >

Set collectors: Do we get treated right?

Once upon a time, there were a kingdom called Collector’s Paradise. In this paradise all citizens were happy, the Rulers provided them with exciting new releases a few months apart, big base sets with splendid designs and well done photo work. Each collector cared to flip over the card and read stats or neat details about the specific player.

Today, the paradise is in ruins; memories of a long gone time linger in our heads, and the kingdom’s citizens are scattered. We have more or less one ruler who gets tickled by the fat wallets of rich collectors and ignores the More >

Be A Player 2007-2008 Hockey Product Review

 Description After OPC Premier, Upper Deck had another release in store to ensure that hockey collectors were not bored by the summer. After catering to the high end market, they took care of the mid-end collectors with this release. The design of the set is sober, yet attractive. Each of the base cards feature a picture of the player in action against a “greyish” background and a second colour varying depending on the team the player belongs to. There is furthermore what could only be described as a scratching pattern around the player, the edges of which are reminiscent or ice. More >

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2007-2008 O-Pee-Chee Premier Product Review


Description: In the early 90s O-Pee-Chee Premier was both quite popular and quite valuable. However, after one outing in 1994-95 it disappeared only to be brought back in 2007-08 with an overhauled design and as a rather high end product. With OPC now being the property of Upper Deck, it is unsurprising to find out the set has all the glitz and shinny finish of a standard Upper Deck release.

Each base card features a picture of the player in action bordered by the slick OPC Premier pattern and includes the name, position and number of the player. As with most sets, More >

A closer look at Nolan’s Sports Collectibles

Some months ago, I wrote an article about buying boxes online and recommended a few places and people to buy from. It’s a hazardous world out there and risky to blindly buy boxes online from just about anyone. That article produced positive response, so now during the hot summer I decided to look closer on a few online stores.

We all have our favorites, but one that has grown considerably since being mentioned a few months ago is Nolan’s Sports Collectibles (nsccanada.com). At the time the seller, Ryan Dennis, merely was an alias (“nolandennis”) at eBay, but shortly thereafter, he started More >