Interview with Borje Salming – one of the game’s Greats

By Linda Mankefors

Borje Salming hardly needs an introduction. He’s a legend on both sides of the Atlantic. For Toronto Maple Leafs fans, he’s one of the biggest, and for many Swedes, he’s the best Swedish hockey player of all-time.

With 1,148 games, 787 points and 1,344 PIM’s he has fantastic numbers for any D-man, but the numbers also hide an assist point record in Leafs history. Three All-Star games and a Hall of Fame membership aside, the stats speak for themselves, but they don’t show what a warrior he was. A hardnosed, brilliant player who wasn’t afraid to get in the More >

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Bang for your buck (Pack Breaks or Shopping online)?

Well, many people like the thrill of the box as it can yield that one big hit. Well recently a group of five members from Sports Card Forum anted up to pick a box up of Superlative from In The Game supplied by Enigma.

So sitting back I looked at the hits and the price paid:

Pick 1 & 7 – $180 Pick 2 & 6 – $130 Pick 3 – $65 Pick 4 – $50 Pick 5 – $35

So for a $180 you got 2 cards for any mojo that would be pulled which could be a big payoff. While the More >

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2007-2008 SP Authentic Hobby Box

Description The 2007-2008 offering of SP Authentic includes 100 base cards, 60 SP notables cards, 30 Rookie Future Watch cards and 60 autographed Rookie Future Watch cards. Each card features a picture of the player in action against a white background apart from the area immediately around the player which looks like a greyish ice surface. The sides of the card have a hint of the player’s team colour. Unlike many of its other releases, Upper Deck did not grace us with an array of parallel cards in this set, I bet the set collectors will be glad to hear this. More >

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Who’s Hot on the West Side?

Well after last week’s look at the Eastern Conference’s stars in the playoffs so far, it is time to turn to the West (I wouldn’t want them to feel neglected). One of the Conference semi-finals is already over, and I will concentrate on the three teams still in the running for the big prize: Dallas, Detroit and San Jose. As for Colorado, they have been swept 4-0 by Detroit, but I think it is still worth mentioning Joe Sakic’s performance. In 10 games he posted 10 points, and he is now reportedly considering retirement. Well Joe whatever you decide, the fans More >

2007-2008 ITG Superlative Product Review


Description This is a brand new product from In The Game, and for many, it constitutes their answer to Upper Deck’s The Cup. However, in my opinion, they have gone one better. This product does not include any base cards, in other words, all cards are inserts with either autograph or memorabilia or sometimes both!

Each box of Superlative contains one pack only and each pack includes seven cards. Each box contains one card from each type of inserts: Autograph, Game Used Jersey, Autographed Game Used Jersey, Superlative Prospect Autographed Game Used Jersey, Game Used Patches, Special Inserts and Famous Fabrics. Only More >