Who’s Hot?

Yes, it’s playoff time again! The excitement of the chase for Lord Stanley’s Cup is on once more. With only eight teams left chasing the precious trophy, each and every one of those teams’ supporters is starting to think: “…maybe it could happened…why not someone has got to win it!?!” The late nights, the heated discussions about the legality of a hit, the wonder that was a particular save or Sean Avery’s antics, those are all worthy topics that make spring time so special to me. For the playoffs to be a success though, one thing is essential: the teams More >

Where did the wild wild West go?

Remember the days when the East hardly counted? One Eastern team had to end up in the finals every year, but it didn’t matter much which because the West had Detroit, Dallas or Colorado. Once in a while New Jersey put up their ugly nose to stir about, but it was pretty much a heavy West dominance. Not many cared about the East.

 Today, who cares about the West? They’re boring, same ol’, and not many surprises happen. While East, I just find myself drawn towards that direction. Not because several of the recent year’s Cups have ended up in the More >

Interview with Mattias Weinhandl

It’s been four years since I interviewed Mattias Weinhandl, then still a quiet young puppy with a brilliant future ahead of him. Once a hyped NHL rookie, he now plays in Linkoping, Sweden. A surprising move considering he very well could have continued to play in NHL. His team is more then pleased though as he ended up as this year’s goal scoring king in the Swedish league, and is clearly the best player on Swedish ice for the moment.

Time to give him a quick call again on behalf of SCF. Two days ago his team lost the playoff final, More >

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Collecting

Collectors today are lucky. With the Internet, the world is their oyster, and there are plenty of sites which can be of great use to them. Be it for trading purposes, like sportscardforum.com or for buying purposes; Beckett marketplace comes to mind or eBay is also rather popular. That being said, while the Internet gives us more options to fuel our card collecting addiction, it also exposes us to a few pitfalls. A good article about buying boxes online safely was written by a fellow Sports Card Forum writer in January and you can read it at the following link More >