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2010 Bowman Platinum Baseball Product Preview

By Karine Hains aka Pheebs888

The World Series might have just finished but the card manufacturers are already gearing up for next season. On the 1st December, Bowman will release its Platinum brand. Hard signed refractors autographed and patch card should make for a great product to break for baseball collectors everywhere. With a price tag of around $110 online, the price point remains affordable for most collectors and should generate a fair bit of interest. Look out for great looking refractor cards and spectacular patches. This release should definitely make the off-season easier to cope with for baseball fans!


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2009 Upper Deck Exquisite Football Card Preview

2009 Upper Deck Exquisite Football is scheduled to release on 24 Mar and will cost $500+ per box. Each box/pack is hand collated and will contain seven premium cards. Each box will contain a bonus pack that includes one additional autographed memorabilia card. 2009 Exquisite football features Exquisite Book Marks multi-signed hinged cards.All rookie Autographs are numbered to 225 or less. Every Card is foil numbered and every Autograph is signed on the card. Discuss this product on our Football Forum and get the best prices on 2009 Exquisite Football on eBay!

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2010 Benchwarmer Ultimate Edition Preview

2010 Benchwarmer Ultimate Edition trading cards are scheduled to release on 10 Mar and will cost $130-$150 a box. Each box/pack contains three cards. All cards are numbered. Per box, collectors can expect:

- 1 Autograph Card In Every Pack. - 1 Prop Card Or Kiss Card In Every Pack. - 1 Bikini, Lingerie Or Shoe Card In Every Pack

The full checklist and details and checklist can be found here. Discuss this product on our Benchwarmer Forum and get the best prices on Ultimate Edition boxes on eBay!