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Rookie Cards – The Passion of Hobby Collecting

By Joey Collins aka joecoolio

From the mindset of a young collector, the thrill of opening a pack of hockey cards is indescribable. When you’re a kid, you know nothing of boundaries. Personally, I would imagine there were a million cards and every pack I opened would bring forth new and wondrous pictures, teams and players. Every player was a superstar; there was no such thing as a common player. I would always cherish when I pulled a card of a team captain. Every year I would look forward to buying the new season of O-Pee-Chee hockey cards. I remember collecting More >

Lord Stanley of Preston

By: Keith Lenn aka KeithLenn

Note: This profile of Lord Stanley of Preston was written as a short position paper to serve as a nomination and support for his inclusion in the World Wide Hockey Hall of Fame, a “virtual” Hockey Hall of Fame in which this writer is a voting member. Lord Stanley was elected to the WWHHF as a Contributor in the virtual year of 1975. The WWHHF can be viewed at

Occasionally the single act of a person, however trivial or insignificant that act may seem at the time, has a profound effect on the future, be it More >

Hobby Boxes In Retail Stores?

Guest Article by gmoney168

Wal-Mart and Target are both great stores to pick up a few packs of sport cards or a blaster box quickly and conveniently, but they could be better. Just imagine walking into retail stores and finding some brand new hobby boxes, or at least, hobby packs. The main way most collectors currently pick up these items is through either their local hobby shop or online. However, there are some problems to this method. The harsh issues that individuals face include prices and inconvenience.

In hobby shops, the prices of most boxes are marked up way more than they More >