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Anyone Remember When this Was Just a Hobby?

By Kelly Burrington aka yazfan71

Well, I sure do and I miss those days. I miss the times when my friends and I would go around and collect pop bottles for the refund so we could go buy packs of cards and a bottle of pop. We’d sit down outside on the curb and rip open our packs and you’d hear a half dozen kids in harmony saying “need em, need em, got em, need em, got em….” Then the trading would commence….

“Hey, I’ll give you a Lou Brock & a Goose Gossage for that Pete Rose & Dave Concepcion?” “Nah, More >

7 Steps of Acceptance in the Hobby

By Kelly Burrington aka yazfan71

Well, I started this as a reply to an article that I had read on here and I didn’t want to seem like I was hijacking the very well written article, so I decided to just make this its own separate thread.


Now, I can only speak from my experiences and my love of the hobby, so that is what I will use as a primary example to address some of the issues I’ve seen that others have with the hobby. (A.K.A.-The ramblings of an old man!)


Counterfeit or fake cards

I have to agree with many that the More >