Sports Card Articles

It’s About the Memories, Not the Money…

By Richard Mock aka Paintball

I have noticed over the past 10 years or so that all card collectors talk about are the “great pulls” and how much money they got for such and such card. Card collecting has always been a form of gambling, but I’m afraid the young adults with children are missing the most important aspect of collecting, the memories. I am 63 years old and raised three sons. Every time I look through our collection I have a memory. Every time I look at my old cards from when I was a kid I return to my More >

And This Time the Cards Won

By Stephen Duell aka Spuds1961

Yes I’ll admit it,I’m addicted to half price blasters whenever and wherever I find them. The only problem is I am a very disorganized person, I have this habit of opening the cards and then putting them in the plastic bag and putting the bag in a 33 gallon tub.

Herein lies my problem,I can remember pulling certain cards but finding them is another story. Whatt sparked this article is I bought a 2010 UD series 1 baseball blaster,which made me remember I had pulled a Posey RC from when this issue first cameout. Well I had More >

Card Collecting Adventures

By Dakota Case aka wild4life

Three cards; three Derek Boogaard cards is all it took for the obsession of hockey card collecting to completely consume me. I first started collecting early in 2010 . It all started with purchasing individual cards of players I liked or had heard of; I was new to hockey and the NHL at that point in time in addition to collecting. It didn’t take long for a few cards to become a nice little Minnesota Wild collection.

Then, one day I came across a box of 1990 Score Hockey for only $10 at the local card store More >

Bob Gibson 1959 Topps Rooke Card

Can I Make Money in Sports Cards?

By Brendan White aka SteakNchop


One of the normal “newbie” sports card questions is on the simple side, but has so much to it. The question is; “Can I make money collecting?”  The general consensus on this from most collectors is; “Have you gone mad? Are you serious!?!? You literally think you can make money this way!?!? Impossible!!!! It just can’t be done!” Guess what? It can be. Here’s how. 

While of course making money in this hobby is hard, it is very possible. It’s just how you go about it. If you do not know what you are doing, I More >