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The Choice is Back on the Ice

By Karine Hains (Pheebs888)

Unlike Baseball and Basketball, licensed Hockey trading card has been an exclusive business for the last five years. Yes, back in 2005 the National Hockey League Player Association and the National Hockey League signed an exclusivity deal with Upper Deck to be the sole license producer of NHL trading cards. This was long before the NBA signed such a deal with Panini and the League Baseball inked a similar deal with Topps.

So after 5 years, has the exclusivity been a positive experience for the NHL? They tell us that it has been however; today they announced More >

Upper Deck’s “Social Media Awards”

Voting Started this week. Make sure you vote for SportsCardForum.com!

Many in the trading card industry were very happy last week when Upper Deck announced its first-ever “Social Media Awards” designed to recognize the top trading card online communities, bloggers and video box-breakers. Upper Deck’s Facebook page where nominations were being accepted saw increased traffic as passionate collectors wanted to share their favorite picks with others. Now that the nominations have closed, Upper Deck has opened up official voting for the awards today.

“It’s been a lot of fun to see trading card communities, bloggers and video box-breakers get excited about More >

Upper Deck Renews Trading Card License with the NHLPA and the NHL

Multi-year, co-exclusive licensing agreement is reached, keeping Upper Deck atop the hockey trading card world

The Upper Deck Company is excited to announce that it has reached a multi-year, co-exclusive trading card licensing agreement with the National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA) and National Hockey League (NHL) today. This much-anticipated accord maintains Upper Deck’s longstanding partnership with both entities and keeps the Carlsbad-based hockey card manufacturer producing the industry’s most sought-after hockey cards.

“Upper Deck is very pleased to continue its 20-year trading card partnership with the NHLPA and the NHL,” said Richard McWilliam, Upper Deck’s Founder and CEO. “Since 2005, through More >

Upper Deck Settles Lawsuit with Major League Baseball

Today, the Upper Deck Company is pleased to announce that Upper Deck and Major League Baseball have mutually agreed to settle the lawsuit brought by Major League Baseball against Upper Deck. Per the terms of the settlement agreement, Upper Deck has agreed not to use MLB trademarks including team names and/or logos on its trading cards going forward. However, as part of the settlement, Upper Deck can and will continue to sell three recently released baseball products currently on store shelves: 2009 Signature Stars, 2009 Ultimate Collection and 2010 Upper Deck Series One.

“Upper Deck is pleased with the settlement including More >

2009-10 Ultimate Collection Basketball Card Preview

2009-10 Ultimate Collection Basketball is scheduled to release on 18 May and will cost about $85 per box. Each box contains four cards. Collectors can expect to get one autograph per box. The set includes 60 base cards and 20 Ultimate Rookie Signatures redemption cards. Get the best prices on 2009-10 Ultimate Collection Basketball boxes on eBay!

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CONTENT HIGHLIGHTS: - One Autograph in every box! - 1997 Legends makes its Basketball debut! - Collect superstar autographs like Michael Jordan and LeBron James in the iconic 1997 Legends design! - First chance to collect autographs from More >

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2010 Upper Deck MLS Soccer Card Preview

2010 Upper Deck MLS Soccer cards are scheduled to release on 18 May and will cost about $90 per hobby box. Each box will contain 20 packs with 12 cards per pack. Collectors can expect to get four memorabilia cards and one autograph per box. Get the best price on 2010 MLS Soccer boxes on eBay!

CONTENT HIGHLIGHTS: - Find four memorabilia cards in every box including one dual, triple, or quad memorabilia card serial #’d of 65 or lower! - Find one autograph card in every box! - Look for one Premium Series memorabilia card (featuring patch or team logo material) More >