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  1. Trueduckfan's Avatar
    Too bad we didn't talk a week ago. I coulda gone down to Fan Appreciation day and tried to get an auto for ya. I live in Eugene area.
  2. buddyg13's Avatar
    I have been waiting for Mercer to send something back. But I believe I may have to write him off. I sent to him last year and havent gotten any back sadly.
  3. pittcardinals's Avatar
    hey, i was that Mercer seems like a good signer. i'm in pittsburgh too just starting out with the hobby.
  4. Matthew0817's Avatar
  5. sportscards22's Avatar
    Koji Uehara signs ttm if you like the sox
  6. Matthew0817's Avatar
    Thanks! Funny, I'm actually a huge patriots-redsox-bruins-celtics fans, any other Boston athletes you know that sign?
  7. yazfan71's Avatar
    Bobby Doerr in baseball is probably the best HOFer for TTM. Nearly perfect percentages!
  8. bballkm32's Avatar
    Picked up 16 new ones, over the past couple weeks. Including 2 autos 2 memorabillia cards, and 9 serial numbered cards.
  9. indians1948's Avatar
    One my mobile and tried to change the URL. Thanks man.