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  1. Rockstartrev's Avatar
    Have a Scheroder Trilogy RC on the way in if you need that
  2. RoyFanDale's Avatar
    I didn't see one Canucks on your page. Unless I was looking at the wrong album.....
  3. Rockstartrev's Avatar
    The 4 of them are where the majority of the focus is. Duchene is merely getting the most attention. Anything on my page you could use for what you have listed here?
  4. RoyFanDale's Avatar
    Only looking for those guys? I have an absolute ton of Avs cards, but only a couple Duchene's out of those players

    2009-10 Collector's Choice Reserve #251 Matt Duchene RC $8.00
    2010-11 Zenith Mozaics Materials #5 T.J. Galiardi/Paul Stastny/Matt Duchene $12.00
    2011-12 Upper Deck Victory Stars of the Game #SOGMD Matt Duchene - $1.00
  5. nutzy's Avatar
    Yeah spring training is undoubtedly the best time of year for TTM. Although some players only sign during the season. You have to do you homework on the TTM Manager to strategically decide when to send.
  6. bostonautos14's Avatar
    It is too late for minor league players but you still have time for MLB players. And anyway it's easier to get minor leaguers in Spring Training. Good luck!
  7. racinghy's Avatar
    Nice pickups, how did you go about getting the Buffalo Bills fan pack?
  8. Trueduckfan's Avatar
    Too bad we didn't talk a week ago. I coulda gone down to Fan Appreciation day and tried to get an auto for ya. I live in Eugene area.
  9. buddyg13's Avatar
    I have been waiting for Mercer to send something back. But I believe I may have to write him off. I sent to him last year and havent gotten any back sadly.
  10. pittcardinals's Avatar
    hey, i was that Mercer seems like a good signer. i'm in pittsburgh too just starting out with the hobby.