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    how much are you looking for?
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    If you use a 'real' top loader and not one of those flimsy card savers you should be okay. The thing to remember is PWE go through automated sorting which involve rollers that can bend the cards and card savers don't protect the card from that.
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    Interesting topic! I don't remember who was on my first trading cards, but one night when I was a few years old I had trouble breathing. When I went to the hospital to make sure I was ok, one of the people that worked there gave me a handful of baseball cards and I thought that they were the most amazing things ever. And from that point on I always knew that I wanted to get into the hobby someday! And what's cool about that, is that some collector probably had a bunch of worthless cards sitting around and instead of burning them or throwing them away, they donated them to the hospital for kids and I know that there are some collectors on here that do that too. It may seem like a simple act of kindness, but they will possibly be more special to those kids than you imagine and they may grow up to be fellow collectors!

    I met KHL player Katsuba Stanislav online before and he refused to sign an autograph for me because he said that he wasn't "famous enough"
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    Thanks! I wish that a company would make some sets of cards of the modern wars too. I've been thinking about getting myself a photo printer so I can print out a bunch of 4x6's to send to veterans of any war. I have a cousin that was in the Army during the early 2000's. She was stationed in Kuwait and drove transport vehicles to the border, she was also trained to drive tanks too, so I might try to get her to sign a pic of a tank for me. If I do, I'll make sure I contact you and see if you'd like to sign a picture for my collection also. My military autographs are mostly from Desert Storm, but I'd really like to expand it to autographs from veterans of any time period!
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    Amazing set! I didn't go to Desert Storm but did three tours Operation Iraqi Freedom. Just an amazing collection. Well done.