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    I sent you an pm on this trading site.
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    I have several of these Id be willing to trade for some Billy Hamilton cards i need or other Reds prospects.
  3. bigherp's Avatar
    A smart man once said. Haters gonna hate. And ainters gonna aint.
  4. hobbyfan's Avatar
    The punishment, it has been suggested, is for an accumulation of sins, including the Brady temper tantrum mentioned above. If you're thinking strictly in terms of "Deflate-gate", and most people are, you're missing the point. Unsurprisingly, Crybaby filed an appeal. I'm also reading where Kraft is considering legal action, but he's got no real grounds. If he goes through with litigation, he'll end up exposing the NFL's darker secrets, things that even he wants kept off the record.
  5. bigherp's Avatar
    The punishment they received is huge and very excessive, I don't blame you for disliking the Pats but the punishment in this case more than fit the crime. And this is coming from a Jags fan not a pats fan.
  6. hobbyfan's Avatar
    No concept? Excuse me, I must respectfully disagree.

    I lost respect for the Patriots beginning with the infamous "Tuck Rule" game vs. Oakland. Then, you have the so-called "perfect" regular season in 2007, where it was clear that the NFL's marketing people saw what was going on, and decided to protect the Patsies at all costs. I watched a couple of Monday Night games where it was clear to me the referees were favoring New England at the end of the game. That all went a'cropper, of course, in the Super Bowl vs. the Giants.

    There is also Brady's tendency to throw virtual tantrums after losses. One such case, after a MNF loss to Carolina in 2013 in Charlotte, saw him, on camera, cussing out a game official. Did the league do anything? No. It was glossed over, because it was Tom Brady, who is treated as if he didn't marry Gisele, but rather a Kennedy, the way the media lionized him.
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    Is that it? Maybe they should just dissolve the franchise altogether. You have absolutely no concept of how damaging these penalties are to the Patriots and their future. More than the 4 games Brady received, the loss of a 1st round pick is devastating. It's obvious you hate Brady and the Pats, so I doubt you were going to be satisfied with the penalties levied, no matter how harsh. If Goodell were really in Kraft's back pocket, you would have seen a 1 game or no suspension at all, with no loss of picks and a fine.
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