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  1. scottkoz20's Avatar
    so, how do you really feel?
  2. hobbyfan's Avatar
    So, why has there been a very small percentage of players from NY in the pros through the years? What other states have also gotten the, ah, short shrift?
  3. Trevor44's Avatar
    Got to agree with gojacks, I believe it's in the best interest of teams to take the best player available, and I don't think they have a negative bias about a region.
  4. hobbyfan's Avatar
    Well, let's look at it from a geographic perspective. The percentage of NY kids going to the pros, be it NFL or CFL, is very low. Probably the lowest in the east, for all we know.

    It just irks me that my home area keeps getting the short end of the stick.
  5. gojacks's Avatar
    Injuries, size, and a huge college workload all contributed to him not getting drafted. Yes, you have players like Sproles, but they are few and far between. I think he has a shot to make some heads turn at camp and most likely be a practice squad player. A lot of solid college players go undrafted each year. I don't think it's a vendetta against your region haha
  6. LoyalRoya8515's Avatar
    Thanks, I use these as well, as far as saving money on stamps there have been times that I have gotten things back, and there was no postmark on the stamp so you might be able to peel them off or cut them out and glue them onto another envelope
  7. Trevor44's Avatar
    Good tips I use these too!
  8. JeffFMcCormack's Avatar
    Thank you so much for all of the positive feedback! I look forward to updating the database with even more TTM successes!