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  1. LoQtus's Avatar
    You need any from the 80s or 90s? PM me.
  2. hawk2618's Avatar
    try this website The Ultimate List of Autograph Resources on the Web
    there is open forums to ask who autos are whos...good luck..keep me informed...I'd like to know too!! Dave C.
  3. hawk2618's Avatar
    It always amazed me how players can do an auto and look nothing like a signature of their name
  4. LeJHa's Avatar
    Thanks for the help but LeGarrette Blount is #29 so I don't think this is him
  5. tsunamirider101's Avatar
    I believe that is LeGarrette Blount's auto
  6. bigherp's Avatar
    I think it's crazy, I've watched ufc since almost the beginning and she's pretty much the Gracies for women. Her stand up is terrible but it's improved a lot but everyone has to fall at some point and so will the prices so cash in while they can I guess. I dispise her attitude and seeing that she is an Olympic bronze medalist she would at least have a little humility but she has zero. Her talent and skill is amazing without a doubt but there is always someone bigger and badder around the corner. Like you said spending a nice used car on a card is ridiculous but clearly whoever is bidding is probably not too stressed about money :)
  7. patsfan52's Avatar
    hay are you my friend from scf-and tcc-tcn??? hi buddy
  8. BOCards's Avatar
    Never mind! I figured it out. There are two B.J. Surhoff cards in the 2000 SPx set .... #55 (Orioles) and #155 (Braves). Someone put the #155 image in the #55 space.