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    I also received Sean Casey and Vern Law.
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    PM sent through site
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    Not sure on how up to date this thread is, but a list can be found here:!

    Hope this helps!

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    i work at ualbany
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    That, I think, was the point. Few gave them a legit chance to beat Florida, but anyone that bet them would've gone home happy, since they were able to beat the spread.
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    Good performance by Albany the other night even though they lost I was impressed.
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    I agree 100% some people are making some good money by running those sites, but it's nice to come to a site like SCF and find address/website contact info for free, I think it's nice to share success's so that we can all build our collections. But I guess they probably use the money they make, to give them the time to search for the info...... so I can see both sides of it. I share all my success's but would like to make some money from it too, so I'm looking into putting ads on my autograph blog so I can make money, while continuing to give the info away for free.
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    it really does make you wonder don't it? I think it just comes down to the "honor system" which is good, in THEORY. but not everyone is as honest n respectful as you seem. Me personally, im a member of a paid site, but don't post that info here out of respect for what they do at the other site. The way I see it, is if I DID post that info here, someone would lose a job, a job they need to feed their children n keep a roof over their heads. I don't wanna mess that up for someone....but man, itd be nice once in awhile to not have to dig so hard lol
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    How can you say they're "lucky"? They won their league tournament, then beat Mt. St. Mary's last night. The argument against them, really, and bear in mind I read this is relation to the women's team, is that the league as a whole is weak.
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    Theyre lucky to even be in the tournament.
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    Im looking for any cards of Joe Altobelli, Bill Virdon, Billy Sample, Preston Hanna, Buck Martinez, Pat Neshek, Kirk Nieuwenhuis, Eric Sogard, and Ryan Flaherty. If you have any, Id like to trade.
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    In other words, their early struggles worked against them. Yeah, I can see that.
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    They were 18-14 that's why. It's pretty simple.
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    And yet the game goes on.....
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    Thanks for the comment!
    That's definitely a great way to look at it, autograph collecting is a great way to spend extra's unique, something that is actually signed by a famous person, and online/ttm request are really cheap! I'm sure my autographs would have cost me a LOT more if I would have gone out and bought them from other people. Most of the people that I went to high school with were into drugs and alcohol too.......some even died because of it, or others wasted their money on stereo systems, or whatever else they thought would make them "cool".

    I wish I would have started collecting autographs when I was younger too, but I never even knew how easy it was until a couple years ago, and I got hooked from the start. I've never waited by the mailbox for the mailman, but I did stare out the window

    He probably thought it was strange when I received a letter from the CIA and a package from Mikhail Gorbachev’s executive assistant………That’s another thing that makes autograph collecting so fun, is the stories that go along with some of them.

    I've thought about collecting them from my favorite teams, or just sports in general but it's hard not to just go crazy and send out tons of requests like a madman And it's fun opening the mail, and getting a bunch of envelopes/fan packs from anyone, when I get them I don't really care who they're from! As I get older and have more money to spend on the hobby, I'd like to try to increase the value of my collection and maybe even buy some autographs, or try to get autographs from athletes before they become "too famous to sign for free"..... But I still have plenty of time to figure out which direction to take my collection.