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  1. hobbyfan's Avatar
    Nice. Does anyone else have an opinion?
  2. TheKingRoyal's Avatar
    I don't care about scores being run up, that is the nature of the game sometimes. If you can't stop their offense it is your own fault, they have no incentive to not score 45 points. It is pretty rude to do, but that is the unwritten rules and something they have to morally deal with, which brings me to their Spygate/Ballgate/general cheating.

    Until there are severe penalties in place the Patriots and other teams with no morals will cheat. I feel that the first time you are caught cheating you loose $15 mil from your salary cap space and your years worth of draft picks. Second time you are caught cheating (if within 10 years of previous account) it is an additional $25mil and two years of draft picks, total of 40mil and 3 years worth of draft picks. Just destroy the franchise and not allow the ownership group to sale the team. It will make teams from the front office all the way down to the guy selling beer be legit.

    I am tired of teams cheating, it really makes watching the games feel cheap to me. I am almost fed up with the way the NFL is handling itself and not taking care of it's business.

    I say hold the entire organization accountable for everyones contribution to cheating. What I suggest might be absurd as far as penalties go for cheating, but I would rather a team get beat down than pay a miserable little fine. $250k isn't even a drop in their bucket.
  3. hobbyfan's Avatar
    Naturally, and it's the culture a lot of us have grown up in.

    Separate television from the business of the major sports, and maybe there are reforms after all.
  4. autographs2010's Avatar
    You need to send to each player individually. NEVER send to multiple players together. It's not a good idea.
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    The camps are in the same location as the big leaguers just separate. Some times the minor league camp has a different mailing address.
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    Like Bryce Brentz, where will he be?
  7. sportscards11's Avatar
    Is there a way to find the seperate camp?
  8. wolfpack97's Avatar
    Most teams have a separate camp for minor league players. Guys on the 40 man roster usually practice with the big league team.
  9. wolfpack97's Avatar
    February 18-20th. Sometimes minor leaguers report a little later.
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    I have tons of Brewers that I can send you. I have topps from 1980-present. Who do you need? Also, what are you offering in return?
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    Hi TheKingRoyal,
    Thank you for your response. It helped a lot but do you know when pitchers and catchers arrive? I am very new to this and I don't know much.
  12. TheKingRoyal's Avatar
    Usually send it a few days before pitchers and catchers. It will arrive before the players, and they won't return it.
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    Cards or no?