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    I have a couple!!
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    Stars should get the same treatment as any player who has made it to the nfl, end of story. I think leflops treatment is way out of whack, so far it is beyond ridiculous - hence why i no longer watch very much basketball. Sadly, the nfl is rolling out of control that way as well, not as bad but showing signs.

    I agree all teams look for a competitive edge, not all cheat, not all do it the same amount. I guess its like driving, not everyone gets caught speeding, but at least when I get caught, i suck it up, admit it and face my punishment like a man.

    I was mistaken, not only stop drinking the koolaid, but stop drinking the haterade too!
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    So you have a problem with stars. Maybe your team has none I don't know but stars in every sport get preferred treatment. Lebron James in basketball. You can find them everywhere. If you don't like it then don't watch. Go watch college football or something else. I think all teams have players or personnel that look for a competitive advantage. Minnesota heating up the balls on the sidelines, stick-em on the towels in San diego, Atlanta pumping in crowd noise, Cleveland gm texting. Believe me I can find something on every team. If you don't think it is everyteam then your foolish. New England seems to gather more attention unfairly in my opinion. In fact some can argue that pumping in crowd noise is an even worse affair.
  4. ctkenjr's Avatar
    Patriots staff and some players like to twist the rules and seem to be the benefactors of many controversial plays/calls/rulings. I believe Peyton Manning gets favored status as do the Packers. Are these teams and players good, no doubt, are they above the law, absolutely not! But too many times, it sure appears to go their way.

    Breathe wrong on Manning, Brady and Rodgers and you are going to get flagged, you can add some to this list, but those three seem to top my list, and I think all three are great QBs - I just don't like the pathetic "favored" status they get. I was surprised Brady got the suspension upheld, but I was also surprised that he destroyed his phone. Brady is not a saint, he is human and makes mistakes, I was surprised by the big deal this became, but then again, the media likes a circus! I do believe he had a hand in doing something wrong, I do believe the Pats should have a punishment, I also wish haters didn't hate so much and those drinking the kool aid of either side would stop sipping and take a breath of air!
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    I totally understand the pressure but when you say patron saint it is obvious you don't like the Patriots and therefore your opinion is not an impartial one. It is not like your a Jaguars fan that feels this way. And yes the Giants did beat the patriots twice and they deserve credit for playing well when it counted. But I give that credit to the giant defense. Eli is a stiff. Can't even get his team back to the playoffs. What is it now going on 3 years. I mean come on. There are 2 wild card births. Haha.
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    You don't understand the pressure placed on Goodell. He had to take a stand, even if it was against his patron saint, Velveeta Kraft, because if he vacates the suspension, he looks like a chump for caving in to Crybaby and Kraft and the politics that go with them.

    BTW, I represent the Jets in the football card traders group, but I'm also a Giants fan, and Big Blue beat the Pats in the Super Bowl twice.

    I actually thought Goodell would fall on his sword and resign, but the league really needs a non-partisan commissioner who won't allow politics to interfere with what he feels is best for the game.
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    Actually I just looked. New York jet fan. Even better. Haha. Guys haven't won since Broadway joe. Pathetic team and fan base. LoL
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    Your obviously can't see this objectively. Crybaby? Seriously how old are you! Ball deflation the same as beating a woman. What a joke. Guess your just upset that your team took it on the chin for so many years. Haha. Cry me a river. Haha. Ya the ball deflation is why we beat the crap out of your team whoever that may be. Umadbro? I think so.
  9. hobbyfan's Avatar
    "Can't see the truth"? Why don't you accept the truth? The truth in this case being that Crybaby Brady and the Patriots have been granted favored nation status by the NFL, and should've been nailed harder for Spygate, but Goodell was covering for his then-pal Kraft. Now, he'll get his mac & cheese from some place else, it seems.
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