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    Kibler's from New York? Where exactly?
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    Battlebeast, I can sympathize with you. I am trying to put together three football projects from 1985 Topps, 1986 Topps, and 1989 Pro Set. I am writing letters to as many of the TTM signers that will sign through the mail. Many former NFL players faithfully sign through the mail. Unfortunately, not everyone does. So I have to find my missing cards in other ways. Ebay has been great, but there are certainly some people who believe that their cards are worth far more they really are. It sucks to see the cards that I need, available, yet be so overpriced that, I too, would have to sacrifice our mortgage. I have found that on average, any of the above set, common players should price between $5 - $10. One big card that I would need is a 1985 League leaders card, signed by both Dan Marino and Joe Montana. All the cards that I have seen priced, range about $400 bucks. Too me, just astronomical. Walter Payton cards usually are listed around $100 +, with some less if they are a team card or a record breaker. Anyways, as I was surfing the blogs, I ran across yours, and totally felt for you. I have had some success though, with trying to send an email directly to the seller although not always, but sometimes, and really more like RARELY, I do have a person that will budge enough to get me to bite. Anyways, I wish you luck on your project and happy hunting!