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  1. CubsFan38's Avatar
    I also live in Rochester, and have gotten both. I got Brown pre-game and post game. If you wait by the ticket booth, all players walk out there and that's my best suggestion on where to get Brown. I have gotten Buxton a few times by the dugout pre-game.
  2. RochesterGraphs's Avatar
    A lot of Triple A teams will bring in legends for in person autos, I only send cards TTM to hall of famers. I know Wade Boggs signs for $5 an auto, Dave Winfield goes for $20 an auto Andre Dawson has different prices for a card or baseball. That's all that I'm 100% sure of
  3. hobbyfan's Avatar
    That's because the Yanks are in "win now" mode, stockpiling the farm system at the same time. Moving Nova might come back to bite them---it usually does---but we'll see.
  4. chris_brown's Avatar
    and it wont be a stretch to see Hal Steinbrenner go out and bring in more aging veterans to take thier place,while letting guys like Ivan Nova slip away without getting much of a return
  5. tcowen17's Avatar
    Got it back in a week and a half signed how I wanted and he sent the $10 back. He did keep the pen though.
  6. tcowen17's Avatar
    You can try Mike Schmidt Cooperstown address. I sent to him along with $10 asking for HOF inscription. G