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    Glad to see a fellow Cleveland 'grapher on SCF. Painesville native here, living in Texas.
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    I also received Sean Casey and Vern Law.
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  4. don sanford's Avatar
    PM sent through site
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    Not sure on how up to date this thread is, but a list can be found here:!

    Hope this helps!

    Take care,
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    i work at ualbany
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    That, I think, was the point. Few gave them a legit chance to beat Florida, but anyone that bet them would've gone home happy, since they were able to beat the spread.
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    Good performance by Albany the other night even though they lost I was impressed.
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    I agree 100% some people are making some good money by running those sites, but it's nice to come to a site like SCF and find address/website contact info for free, I think it's nice to share success's so that we can all build our collections. But I guess they probably use the money they make, to give them the time to search for the info...... so I can see both sides of it. I share all my success's but would like to make some money from it too, so I'm looking into putting ads on my autograph blog so I can make money, while continuing to give the info away for free.
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    it really does make you wonder don't it? I think it just comes down to the "honor system" which is good, in THEORY. but not everyone is as honest n respectful as you seem. Me personally, im a member of a paid site, but don't post that info here out of respect for what they do at the other site. The way I see it, is if I DID post that info here, someone would lose a job, a job they need to feed their children n keep a roof over their heads. I don't wanna mess that up for someone....but man, itd be nice once in awhile to not have to dig so hard lol