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    Google search for addresses
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    Welcome to SCF!
    3.Youtube: I seen an SCF member showing how to do ttm requests, I tried it myself, and I've been hooked on ttm collecting since
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    Wud luv 2 trade with others
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    I used Google.
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    Your going to need Canada postage for your return letter, or gamble and send two dollars to Guy and ask if he could spot you the stamp. I usually go to the Canada post website and buy 50 Canada stamps for my TTM to Canada. You necessarily need a "special stamp" to send to Canada, you just need $1.15 in US Postage to get it there.
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    I use global forever stamps. They are just like a regular first class stamp, except that you can use them to send mail to any country in the world. I used them once to get a ttm auto from a retired hockey player that lives in Toronto and they worked fine. Each stamp currently costs $1.15 each. Here's a link to the USPS website where you can see one of the designs:

    Hope this helps
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    Thank you for your response, if you happen to come across it again in the future please let me know. Thanks again!
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    I don't remember who I sold it to, but I just sold a complete set minus the Ruth for about $600, six months or so ago.