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    Wow, I share the exsact same sentimentals. The ammount I buy that I shouldn't is ridiculous. I sell too so I make the excuse that I need to buy to sell. I do sell a good ammount so I always have money coming in but when the purchase I just committed too can only be paid when I sell my next item it's a little dangerous. I never keep people waiting longer than 2 days for payments but that does force me to send out emails to my regulars selling them the card's I was considering keeping for myself. Worse still I have an automatic bidding tool set to automatically snip bid some of the listings I want. I have had mornings when I woken up to find I won 10 listings which I needed to pay for but had forgotten all about it as it was 7 days ago when I entred in my max. The things we do.
    Its all in good fun though...
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    Thank you guys for your feedback!
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    I received a success from Tim Dwight today. He did play for the Falcons, although he retired in 2007. His autograph would be a nice addition to your Falcons collection!
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    Although I haven't tried him yet,I've heard Devin Hester is a good TTM signer
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    Mervyn Fernandez
    1454 Hicks Ave
    San Jose, CA 95125-3821

    Click here to post your pending/success information:

    Hope this helps!
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    What's his address?
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    Same here! I was very excited when I saw that Mr. Swilling had added those AMAZING inscriptions! One of the greatest cards in my collection, in my opinion. (Not that I am dissing any of the others.)

    Quote Originally Posted by gojacks
    Love the inscriptions!
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    Love the inscriptions!
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    Not too many famous sports figures from our region for sure. Only ones I can think of are Bill Dahlen,Pat Riley,Dottie Pepper and longtime MLB umpire John Kibler.
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    It's simple. There is more talent in the other regions. Football just isn't the big sport in that region. Especially for high school aged kids.
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    It beats me how Fraudcesa has lasted so long. There's something in the water in NYC to allow bloviators like Fraudcesa & Trump to manipulate the masses. Can't stand either one of them.
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    so, how do you really feel?
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    So, why has there been a very small percentage of players from NY in the pros through the years? What other states have also gotten the, ah, short shrift?
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    Got to agree with gojacks, I believe it's in the best interest of teams to take the best player available, and I don't think they have a negative bias about a region.
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    Well, let's look at it from a geographic perspective. The percentage of NY kids going to the pros, be it NFL or CFL, is very low. Probably the lowest in the east, for all we know.

    It just irks me that my home area keeps getting the short end of the stick.
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    Injuries, size, and a huge college workload all contributed to him not getting drafted. Yes, you have players like Sproles, but they are few and far between. I think he has a shot to make some heads turn at camp and most likely be a practice squad player. A lot of solid college players go undrafted each year. I don't think it's a vendetta against your region haha