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  1. patsfan52's Avatar
    hay are you my friend from scf-and tcc-tcn??? hi buddy
  2. BOCards's Avatar
    Never mind! I figured it out. There are two B.J. Surhoff cards in the 2000 SPx set .... #55 (Orioles) and #155 (Braves). Someone put the #155 image in the #55 space.
  3. BOCards's Avatar
    I have a Matt Riley (on-card) Upper Deck 2000 SP Authentic Chirography #MRi, and a Eddy Rodriguez (cut) Leaf 2004 Certified Cuts #263 (SN 319/499) right in front of me, but I have a few after-market signature card that I'll have to find if you are interested.
  4. autographs2010's Avatar
    Do you have any signed Orioles for trade?
  5. CliffAnderson92's Avatar
    Sports cards/autographs is the best hobby
  6. grifnutz's Avatar
    What are you looking for? I have a few Red Sox cards I'm looking to sell. Autos, a jersey, bunch of base, some refractors, etc.

    PM me and let me know.