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  1. gojacks's Avatar
    That Super Swatch is a gem! Congrats on all 3!
  2. rocketman818's Avatar
    I guess buffalo got tired of Rex. LOL
  3. scottkoz20's Avatar
    i have never had anything replaced with Panini, so I can't speak to it.
  4. Cowboy Keith's Avatar
    Thanks, I know about the replacement system I was more wondering if Panini has done a little extra for someone to compensate for the grief of spending the kind of money we do and getting damaged cards in return and to then have to wait a cruel 8 to 10 weeks to get the good ones.

    Pretty much figured I'm gambling when it comes to buying cards haha
  5. scottkoz20's Avatar
    2 points

    1) for the damaged cards, if you have the receipts and the box, you can contact Panini about getting the cards replaced. They do have a damaged section on their home page.

    2) On the boxes, there are good boxes and not so good boxes. It does suck when you don't get a good box, but not every box is going to be good. Speaking from experience with older Panini hockey products, I have had consecutive boxes out of cases that have yielded similar players/subsets.

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