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  1. Selecting Products In online trading

    Every week Ross Rubin contributes Switched On, a column about consumer technology. If prevalent rumors maintain accurate, the approaching weeks will find a couple of the very productive tablet computer vendors intrude on each other's display size turf. Amazon, which lagged its bookselling competitor Barnes & Noble in offering a colour tablet computer, stands prepared to introduce an infernal heir to the Kindle ...
  2. Collecting Yastrzemski - Feb. '14 / Jackie Robinson Day!

    I know it's been awhile since my last blog posting, but there has been a lot going on in my life here lately that has taken me away from adding much of anything new to my collection. So, I thought I'd let it build up a little bit before I posted a new entry.

    I'll start off with updates regarding Michael for those who may have missed it. He made his first appearance in an Orioles uniform in ST when they played the Red Sox, going in as a pinch-runner & scored the first run for the ...
  3. Success!!

    Well the past few weeks I have had good success with TTM. I received cards back from Josh Harrison (2), Jim Leyland (1 of 4), Brock Holt (2), Sidney Crosby, and Jim Duffalo (1). I think that's is it.............don't have my list in front of me.

    The Jim Duffalo was a great one for me personally, He played back in the 60's and he is from the town I was born in. I normally collect Pittsburgh Pirates players and local Western PA. players. I found his 1965 Topps card at a run down card ...
  4. My actual Tradelist


    Jahr | Serie | Cardno. | Player | #'d to | BV

    2004 Leaf Limited Cuts #8 Cal Ripken 100 $150.00 (only available for an Jeter AU in return)
    2004 SPx Swatch Supremacy Signatures Young Stars #CL Cliff Lee 999 $25.00
    2007 Artifacts Autofacts #JE Johnny Estrada $10.00
    2007 Upper Deck Elements Elemental Autographs #JA Joaquin Arias $8.00
    2009 SP Authentic #234 Gerardo Parra AU RC 299 $12.00
    2009 SP Authentic By ...
  5. Looking for these True RCs for my PC

    Kenny Stills 2013:

    Absolute Hobby #151A /199
    Absolute Retail #151A /199
    Bowman Sterling #42
    Certified #318 Jsy Auto /399
    Crown Royale #218 Jsy Auto /299
    Limited #218 Jsy Auto /199
    Panini Black #218 Auto /99
    Panini Contenders #218A Auto
    Panini National Treasures #218 Jsy Auto /99
    Panini Playbook #154 Auto /49
    Panini Spectra #218 /99
    Rookies & Stars #151
    Select #205
    Topps Inception #131 Auto
    Topps ...
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