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  1. Desert Storm Autograph Project

    I enjoy collecting autographs, and have mostly collected them from athletes, celebrities and politicians, but I now want to try to put more time, effort and focus into getting more military autographs. I have hundreds of Desert Storm trading cards I would like to get autographed, so that's going to be my main focus for now, but I will add other kinds of military autographs to my collection too.

    During the past couple years I have gotten a Desert Storm card autographed by Gen.Colin Powell

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  2. Crybaby goes down! Suspension upheld!

    News has come across the wires that the NFL has upheld the 4-game suspension handed to Patriots QB Tom "Crybaby" Brady. If the NFLPA does decide to take this case to court, it's a waste of time, just to appease a bratty prima donna who's proven that you don't need to be a wide receiver to be a diva in the NFL.

    Now, they're saying that Brady had destroyed his cell phone, rather than give it up during the investigation into Deflate-Gate. That all by itself was the nail in ...
  3. TWcards

  4. TWcards

  5. Who Signed This Baseball?

    I received an email this morning from someone who has a baseball that they would like to sell, but they're not sure who signed it besides Fred Valentine. Please help!

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