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  1. An Item from The Upper Deck Blog

    A recent article posted on the Upper Deck blog got the hair on the back of my neck to stand up. Almost sent chills going up and down my spine. I sent a response to Upper Deck regarding this article because it pissed me off I know it won't go anywhere or result in anything because greed rules and common sense and honesty don't matter. What I said is posted below and I believe it 100% but I have removed the store name for obvious reasons.

    I wanted to let you know that ...
  2. Trades?

  3. Yikes.. long time no see


    long time no speak! Been busy with life i guess. No time to blog at all. Started a new job at Sony, so thats always nice lol. Earning more money so now i can put more money into the hobby which is AWESOME!

    Decided to break up my PC and only collect Ben Gordon.. Good choise actually, spend less money on players i dont really care about and spend more money on the only player i care about. Also started a side PC for the man Sir Charles. good times i tell you. Lots ...
  4. Where to start ? So much and so little time...

    Well where to many things have happened in the past couple of weeks. Product updates, new stuff in the store, box breaks, youtube and twitter now, Cam Neely and well so much.....

    Lets start off with the Panini Contenders disappointment. Product release has been backed up to April How about Crown Royale costing more this year but having less serial-numbered cards in it then last year I could but I won't.

    We recently picked up a NASCAR die-cast ...
  5. 3-12-2012 AKA the day of the Stras

    I'm pretty bored right now,
    so i figured i'd share with SCF my day in cards

    I woke up at 5 am Almost unable to breathe. Apparently i have Asthma.

    Anyway i went to the DR around 12 went through the whole Rigamrole, got my RXs..(4 of them) and was on the way to my local CVS which is on the same corner of my local card shop (Woods CV Sports in East Patchogue NY) and i was feeling pretty depressed not being able to breathe and all so i did what i usually do when i ...