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  1. Steals Update 3

    To add onto the August list, I picked up a Barry Sanders Hall of Gold Auto /10 from Gold Standard 2011 for $95 dlvd on ebay. This one may not end up being an easy profitable flip and I may keep it because it looks amazing. Sanders cards of that quality go from $90-$160 which is a crazy range.

    It should be here next week. I saw one on ebay sell for $145 BIN and if I can't flip it for $40-50 profit, it may turn into a PC card.

    My profit for the month still sits at $138.71 ...
  2. 25/$1: Football HOFers, RCs, inserts and more

    1997 Score Abdul-Jabbar, Karim 212 MIA
    1993 Pro Set Aikman, Troy 30 DAL
    1993 Pro Set Aikman, Troy 30 DAL
    2000 Black Diamond Alexander, Derrick 56 KC
    2000 Leaf Certified Alexander, Derrick 47 KC
    1999 Fleer Tradition Blitz Collection Allen, Eric 33BC OAK
    1996 Score Board Allen, Terry 13 WAS
    1997 Bowman's Best Allen, Terry 9 WAS
    1997 Score Board Allen, Terry 59 WAS
    1997 Stadium Club Allen, Terry 27 WAS
    1998 Leaf Rookies and Stars ...
  3. Steals Update 2

    $138.71 month to date profit (21 days).

    SOLD the RG3 within an hour of having it on ebay. Only had the card in my possession for 2 hours before flipping. So sad, it's an awesome card, but too risky to hold onto. Got $350 dlvd. That's my biggest profit yet, but ebay of course will take fees to make it a little less exciting.

    Still $24.99 in the hole on the Jim Kelly/Stabler/Dilfer triple auto plaque. I thought it would be a home run as well and I'm still trying to get $50 ...
  4. Steals Update 1

    Purchased an RGIII Elite Status Auto /24 for $253.50 dlvd thinking I can get $330+

    Update on past "steals" so farL

    Paid $25 lot dlvd
    2005 Sage Hit Jersey Vince Young (added to a lot)
    2002 Fleer Marcus Allen Jsy w/ Emmitt Smith (sold $8.00 dlvd)
    2002 Certified Art Monk FOTG Jersey /100 (sold $16.99 dlvd)
    2008 Elite Tom Landry/Hank Stram dual jacket /199 (sold $28.00 dlvd)

    Profit: ~$27.00

    Paid $9.27 dlvd ...
  5. Philippines Mailday! Updated every week!

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    Just got these in!


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