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  1. Looking for R&Stars patch autos

    Quote Originally Posted by GeorgehenryCollec View Post
    I am trying to build a set of all 32 teams plus the draft/NFL logo ones. So at this point it really doesn't matter what player it is as long as its a team I need. Please cmb for trade items.
    I do have extras in some teams. Would willing to trade off the Giants Andre Brown I have numbered to 25 towards regular versions of teams I need. In case someone is looking for that variation. They look like this:
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  3. Looking For Jordan, Kobe, Inserts and rare parallels

    I am new to this site, and I just wanted to know if anyone had rare or nice Jordan and Kobe Inserts for sale or trade. I was hoping that this site would be friendly to book prices and not overcharge like Ebay and other sites. Here is an example of some that I am interested in

    Kobe Bryant:
    Jerseys or Relics
    1999-00 Skybox Apex Jam Session
    1999-00 Finest Dunk Masters
    1998-99 Finest Hardwood Honors
    1998-99 Skybox Premium Slam ...
  4. LTB $$$ makes offers

  5. 1999 e-x century BASEBALL essential credentials NOW

    looking for some of the hard to find low numbers from this set! Anyone have some of the low numbered stars from this set? I have tons of trade and am 90% complete with the 1998 Donruss Crusade Red set in Baseball as well that I would like to complete.