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  1. Not sure how many more trades I'll be makin' on SCF

    Don't get me wrong...I have no issues w/anyone here. It just seems nobody wants low-end JSYS. I don't have many, so I went EBAY route.
    When I get spare change, I'll snoop for some PC.

    As far as base stuff...I have a pending sale of 1570 cards(just awaiting $$).
    Majority of cards I have left are '90-'04.
    Any '05-present are dupes.

    I'll be patrolling boards for PC, but if there are certain players ur after, hit me up....never know.
  2. Lovin SCF! NFL & Collecting News!

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    What's up SCF. Been having a great time on this site this past few weeks or soOnly have 10 trades on this site, (most of my pickups are from ebay) but it's awesome beeing part of a community that loves cards as much as I do! I signed up for BO to see what it's like, and in all honesty, it's CRAP compared to here. No organization and everything is crazy and out of place. This place just seems far more tidy and easier to navigate...Anyways, ...
  3. Having fun here!

    I've been having a blast trading here the past few weeks! I just want to thank everyone for making it so easy and treating me so cool. Let's keep it going! I lovin this..............
  4. Steals Update 7

    Work has picked up and I haven't had the time to patrol Ebay as closely looking for deals. The few I got recently were busts and I broke even even though they were high-end cards.

    Orakpo: $4.50 dlvd - $12.98 = $8.48 (/25 gridiron gear rookie auto)
    Tebow: $26.94 dlvd - $42.99 = $16.05 (Black Friday Auto)
    Cowboys $26.95 dlvd - $52.99 = $26.04 (BOYS Aikman/Whote/Staubach/Meredith booklet from Playbook /49)
    Jacquizz $3.98 dlvd - $12.98 = 9.00 (R&S Logo patch /299) ...
  5. Finally Got My First Alfred Morris Auto

    FINALLY [/B][/I][/U]got my first Alfred Morris auto! A pretty nice one at that too.:D: His cards are expensive as there only a few left. If RG3 comes back strong, the Redskins should be a great team for years to come.