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  1. Watch buying your soft plastics

    whether its soft plastics from from BCW or ULTRA-PRO many dealers and flea marketers like to try and charge you well over 1.50 for 100ct package , but from the companies themselves they actually are sold for .50 cents ...i have found at a select few places purchase prices for .60 cents up to .99 cents be patient and happy collectible hunting
  2. Updates for a Friday *Ultimate*Prime*

    Well....hope everyone is doing well. I've been getting a lot of requests for article posts to a number of sites and while I am flattered I really don't have the time to give to it as noticed in how infrequently I get to my forum blog. My time is pretty much getting eaten up by a number of things I do including community work so it would be a difficult thing to do properly and I would feel awful if I couldn't do it right.

    Anyway, on to current items of interest. Cracked our first case ...
  3. Ebay Steals.

    I will be posting deals I get on ebay that I believe are "steals". I will generally be flipping these cards as well and taking note of my profits/losses.

    So far this month:

    $25 lot dlvd
    2005 Sage Hit Jersey Vince Young
    2002 Fleer Marcus Allen Jsy w/ Emmitt Smith
    2002 Certified Art Monk FOTG Jersey /100
    2008 Elite Tom Landry/Hank Stram dual jacket /199

    $9.27 dlvd
    2012 Score Kirk Cousins Auto

    24.99 dlvd ...
  4. Mail days and steals! (regularly updated)

    Been ebay and forum shopping nonstop last month, and I've spent around $300 for autos and limited figures!
    The first package arrived today! Here is the beauty, which was a huge steal for me! Let's just say I got it for a very cheap price!

    All 3 of my packages just arrived! Have a look at them! Give me your thoughts ...

    Updated 08-16-2012 at 12:54 AM by DoctorRupert

  5. A Few Upgrades + HOFer #242!

    Figured it was time to show what I have been picking up recently...including one that cost me a pretty penny, but no doubt is one of the most beautiful cut autos I have ever seen, let alone own! Very happy with all of these though!