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  1. About my PC 'nd thoughts

    This will be my very first blog ever in my lifetime!
    I actually despises the concept of blogs (becuase it's so many so called "bloggerskor" in my country who makes a huge profit of ripping from others at writing of falsehoods,
    I really pity about those readers who're stupid enough to read theirs crappy pseudoblogs and they still have the "stomach" of calling themselfs as "professional bloggers"!!!
    Really awfully sorry abut my small rant!
  2. Rookies and Prospects FT

    [U]Aroldis Chapman[/U]
    [INDENT]2011 Topps Chrome[/INDENT]
    [INDENT]2011 Topps Heritage[/INDENT]
    [INDENT]2011 Topps Lineage "2011 Rookies"[/INDENT]
    [U]Mike Trout[/U]
    [INDENT]2010 Bowman[/INDENT]
    [U]Jesus Montero[/U]
    [INDENT]2010 Bowman Platinum[/INDENT]
    [INDENT]2012 Topps[/INDENT]
    [U]Devin Mesoraco[/U]
    [INDENT]2012 Topps[/INDENT]
    [U]Zach Britton[/U]
    [INDENT]2010 Bowman Platinum[/INDENT]
    [INDENT]2011 ...

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  3. 4 Jerseys, 2 Autos - $10 dlvd

    Quote Originally Posted by WolverineFootball View Post
    Got these for $10...just want to clear out some room in the box.

    If nobody has spoke for this lot, I will take it. Just post it up for me and I will send you $10 PayPal. Do you have any other panthers just let me know.

  4. JBpatches' $25 Weekly Hobby Box Breaks on a Budget Coming Soon!

    The price of Hobby boxes have gotten to be very expensive. We have a lot of younger members and other members who don't want to break the bank, spending hundreds or thousands of dollars, in order to open Hobby boxes.

    I came up with a fun and interesting concept: busting Hobby boxes on a budget. I will open one $25 (or under, shipping included) HOBBY box a week. I will post a recap of the break on my SCF blog, my Blogger blog also on my YouTube channel: ...

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  5. Wanted to buy Shea Weber

    Quote Originally Posted by WINGS-RULE View Post
    i have a 10/11 artifacts Patch tag /5

    i have artifacts 10 11 black auto 1/5 if interested 50$ shipped!!!