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  1. Nothing to see here

    Nothing to see here

    Updated 11-04-2013 at 02:54 AM by McMahonFan

  2. 2008 Certified New Gen Auto Needs

    152 Andre Woodson
    161 Dan Connor
    162 Dennis Dixon- located gold
    168 Jermichael Finley
    170 John Carlson
    182 Marcus Thomas- located base auto
    183 Martellus Bennett
    184 Matt Flynn
    192 Sedrick Ellis- located blue auto

    Updated 02-09-2012 at 07:27 PM by FuriousD82

  3. Deleted

  4. Another Scammer

    Well it has happened again. Saw an ad on Kijiji for a Reimer card and a Scrivens card. The seller says "get them now before they come out in the price guide asking $130". So of course I look at the cards and check them out cause if the price is right I'd pick them up. Well much to my surprise the Beckett Online Price Guide, to which I subscribe, says these two cards book at a combined total of $30 !! So I email the guy selling them and tell him what the online guide says and he tells me ...
  5. Make sure to report FAKE cards on eBay!

    I'm getting pretty sick and tired of seeing guys selling fake autographs and patches on eBay. They are ruining the hobby and stealing people's hard earned money.

    We as a community need to stand up and stop this. I don't know if everyone reports these guys, but there are thousands of members here. We can make a difference and stop these crooks.

    We also can't rush to judgement on every sick patch card or autograph. There are lots of legit logo patches, tag patches, ...