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  1. Louis Leblanc namesakes prime

    Hi there everyone, well, I have enetered the commitment to spell out my favorite players name Louis Leblanc
    Well I need help from you guys to find letters /75. These are from the Panini Prime 2011-12 Hockey boxes. Can you help? What do you think?
  2. Buyer Beware Follow Up and Response

    Well thanks all for the comments on my 'Buyer Beware' blog post. I won't respond to each and every comment individually as I think it is obvious by what was said who the buyers and sellers are.

    Just to follow up on the original reason for the blog post this message was just received from the seller. The same seller who said not to contact him anymore and then continued to email me.

    "Get over yourself. We aren't liars and it was jealousy on your part, not an honest ...
  3. I Collect Hockey Cards

    Hi, I am new to SCF. I collect hockey cards. I trade and sell hockey cards.
  4. 1952 Topps Mantle Rookie Counterfeit in PSA Holder

    Quote Originally Posted by Mrdevintage View Post
    Collectors & Dealers.
    I want to warn you about the counterfeit graded PSA cards in circulation. I purchased a 1952 Topps Mantle Rookie back in December. I am not a graded card expert. I do more memorabilia. Over the years I noticed the PSA ads and they convinced me that you need to only buy graded cards to protect yourself from cards that are counterfeit or altered. But behind the scenes you have crooks removing cards from PSA holders and replacing them with counterfeit cards.
  5. Why Should The 'Buyer Beware' ?

    I had an interesting conversation with a seller on the Bay a couple of weeks ago and I have to be honest and say that I finally snapped. Here I am thinking I'm helping a seller out because he is trying to sell a card that isn't what he is claiming it is so I send him a message. Well the reply I get is an absolute jioke and treats me like I've committed some crime. I am so sick and tired of hearing that the "Buyer Should Beware" that I could have driven down to this sellers shop and done ...