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  1. E-Bay Crooks

    Just compiling a list of E-Bay Crooks (ones who sell forefitted cards, mod'd cards, etc.)

  2. CAUTION Sellers (PP Goods senders)

    I started this blog for sellers... these guys pay buy PP Goods, thus you get hosed paying the fees:

    From Blowoutcards:

    Updated 01-30-2012 at 11:44 PM by usafshelland

  3. if anyone wants to trade lmk!

  4. Upcoming Hockey Releases

    2011-12 UD NATIONAL HOCKEY CARD DAY ship date: Feb 3 FREE IN STORE
    12 PANINI CROWN ROYALE ship Feb 8 $84.88
    2011-12 ITG HEROES & PROSPECTS ship date: Feb 15 $76.88
    12 UD SERIES 2 ship Feb 28
    Hobby $59.88
    Fat Pack $61.88
    Retail $51.88
    Tins $20.88
    12 DONRUSS ELITE ship Feb 29 $99.88
    12 PANINI CONTENDERS ship Mar 14 90.88
    12 UD SP AUTHENTIC ship Apr 3 $97.88
    12 SP GAME USED ships in March $154.88
    12 SPX ships in March $102.88 ...
  5. Cards that are Numbered the same as a Jersey

    I don't understand why people think that a card that has the same number (3/299 for Phaneuf) would be more expensive than any other card in that run. I don't understand how a card with a BV of $100 can have an asking price of $399.00 just because it matches a jersey number. Isn't the card the same as the one numbered 2/249 or 4/249? What if the patches were SO much better on all the other cards, but plain white on the matching one? I know that some people like this, but it doesn't make any sense ...