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  1. Jeff Samardzija TTM ADDY?

    If anyone could help me with an Addy for Jeff Samardzija it would be most appreciated and also can help with addy's for the help.

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  3. Photobucket Updated

    Cmb I like bonds jersey/bat and others. Trading football for baseball.

    Quote Originally Posted by JFried1029 View Post
    There are a few cards in the bucket that are pending in trades, but it is mostly updated:
  4. 20k Paypal for high end cards!

    Quote Originally Posted by peavychrome View Post
    Might be interested once you get it redeemed and in hand.

    Just got the D Rose 2010-11 Certified Totally Black Auto 1/1. Any interest? Just posted a thread under Basketball High End'll see pics there.
  5. It's time to start a blog

    Hello everyone,

    Sports cards are a good thing to enjoy.

    I'm willing to write in this blog to share insight, throw out ideas, encourage, & make an impact on your experience.

    As I gather up something to post next, I'll be looking forward to reaching out.