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  1. 2012 Allen & Ginter

    Throughout the sports card Blogosphere (is that an actual word??) the past couple of weeks has been non-stop discussion of this year's Allen & Ginter set. This is the first year that I've actually paid attention to this unique set. I was mildly aware of the set in past years but couldn't be bothered when it came out. I thought 'who cares about a baseball set where a significant number of cards are of non-baseball subjects'. I chuckled in amusement as keeners tried to 'crack the code'. I ...
  2. what i need in AFL (Arena Football) updated listed as on 7-21

    arena bowl 16 archive

    entire 05 dance team stars

    05/06 AFL Jerseys/Fabrics Solid Jersey cards only!!! (noted ones i have seen based on pics with *)
    Need Solids
    Garcia 05/06
    Sippio 05
    Anthony 05
    Dolezel 05*
    Jackson 05
    Ryan 05
    Harrell 05*
    Cooper 05
    Hundon 05*
    roe 05/06
    Nash 05/06**
    Davis 05
    Ross 05
    Burley 05

    Bailey 06
    Kelly 06*
    Stoerner 06
    Kaleo 06 ...
  3. The NFL Hall of Fame

    It has been a long journey trying to college autographs of all of those that reside in the NFL HOF and while I have amassed a large amount, there are still plenty to go...and many of them very expensive. I figured this would be a good way to update people on who I am still looking for and as well as a way to show my new pickups. Below, you will find a list of all those I am still in search for. Most of them do not have anything besides PSA/DNA autographs, which are more than welcome.

  4. afl jersey... 05 dance stars

    i am looking for 2005 upper deck afl jeseys both mesh and solid depending on the player and 2006 solid jerseys...please let me know if you have any.
  5. football cards

    Let me know if you are interested in buying some football cards and I will pm you my list I have for sale.