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  1. Rookies

    1989 Topps 573 Jim Abbott
    1995 Bowman 4 Bobby Abreu
    2006 Bowman Gold FG1 Nick Adenhart

    2008 Topps UH129 Nick Adenhart1988 Donruss Rated Rookie 34 Roberto Alomar
    1988 Topps Traded 4T Robert Alomar
    1989 Donruss Rated Rookie 28 Sandy Alomar Jr.
    1990 Donruss Rated Rookie 30 Sandy Alomar Jr. (x2)
    1990 Fleer Prospects 650 McElroy/ Moises Alou
    1992 Pinnacle Prospect 572 Moises Alou
    2005 Bowman Chrome First Year BDP98 Bryan Anderson

  2. Lets Help Induct Virgil Trucks Into The MLB Hall Of Fame!

    Virgil "Fire" Trucks is well known by many of us here on SCF. He was a great baseball player, great autograph signer, but most importantly he was a great guy and cared about each and every one of his fans. So I think the least we can do, is try to petition MLB to give Mr.Trucks his long overdue induction in the MLB hall of fame.
  3. Back in the game

    Hey guys, i've been going thru my small amount of cards again, going to go through some trades and hopefully add to my small collection of Andrew Luck, Reggie Wayne,,, and i'm not sure yet if i'm going with VIck Ballard or Dwayne Allen for my other. I like Vick Ballard a lot, but feel he may not be around in a Colts uni for long.. who knows?

    Anyways, my collections are small and low end, but I have a good time :) anytime you have low end rc's of luck/reggie/ other colts, send a pm ...
  4. Joe Montana

    Could anyone please tell me how to spot a fake Joe Montana Rookie card please Thanks!!!!
  5. Brett Farve 1995 Fleer Metal ERROR??????? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!

    I found a 1995 Fleer Metal Brett Favre base card #70 that is the exact same as all the others except the back. Where the stats are there is one highlighted, his TD'S. Mine has "YDS" instead of the normal "TD's". I have searched but can only find the normal one..............Does anyone out there know what is up w/ this?? Is it rare, a common thing for the set (Like the 1990 & 1991 Pro-Set Football Cards) or a one-of-a-kind? I have never seen one before & looking through ...