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  1. The Beginning

    Well, you have to start somewhere. And this is it - my first posting to a blog. Over the past 5 years or so, I've read many sports cards blogs. Most of them are good - I wouldn't say excellent - but good. Most deals with the bloggers card collection or what they have received in their latest trades. There's a few that's anti this or anti that. There's other's that take a card by card look at certain vintage sets.
    There were 2 that I found was excellent which unfortunately no longer blog. ...
  2. 1996 Pacific Power Gold Crown Die Cuts

    Images are from


    1996 Pacific Power Gold Crown Die Cuts #GC7 Allen Iverson

  3. Nothing to see here

    Nothing to see here

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  4. 2008 Certified New Gen Auto Needs

    152 Andre Woodson
    161 Dan Connor
    162 Dennis Dixon- located gold
    168 Jermichael Finley
    170 John Carlson
    182 Marcus Thomas- located base auto
    183 Martellus Bennett
    184 Matt Flynn
    192 Sedrick Ellis- located blue auto

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  5. Deleted