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  1. Looking for baseballs

    I am looking to buy 1 dozen Romlb balls. I found Anderson KPT has good prices. Does anyone have any reviews for Anderson KPT or know of a good site to get baseball for autographs?
  2. Heads are starting to roll.........

    The regular season in baseball is over. Playoffs begin Tuesday. Also-rans are already cutting dead weight.

    In Washington, that means the Nationals weren't wasting any time bidding farewell to Matt Williams, one year removed from Manager of the Year. Unfortunately, the brain-dead decision making that cost him the NLDS vs. San Francisco last year ultimately did him in this year. A blind man could see this coming as soon as the Nationals were overtaken by the Mets.

    Think ...
  3. Remembering Yogi Berra

    I never saw Yogi Berra play. I was but a toddler when he retired after the 1964 season. The first memories I have of him, then, were when he was managing the Mets to the 1973 World Series, a 7 game thriller that they lost to Oakland, during the Athletics' run of 3 straight titles. I remember the commercials he made for Yoo Hoo, Miller Lite, and Aflac, the latter two playing off his reputed penchant for roundabout statements.

    When the late George Steinbrenner fired Yogi 16 games into ...
  4. Moving And Downsizing

    I'm planning on moving around next Spring or earlier, so I'm trying to downsize my sports card/ autograph collection while making some money at it at the same time. The first cards I'm trying to get rid of are my unsigned Richard Petty cards.

    4 Random Richard Petty cards for $2 ttm (cash). Cards will be shipped inside a folded paper inside of a plain white envelope. Penny sleeves added by request. Top loaders NOT ...

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  5. It's never easy in New Yoirk

    If for some strange reason the Mets don't reach the World Series, much less get out of the Division Series (likely vs. the Dodgers), don't be hating and blaming it on manager Terry Collins and GM Sandy Alderson. There's only one real candidate for blame, and that is the greediest piece of human flotsam there is. Scott "20 Mule Team" Boras.

    About three or four weeks ago, Boras whined in the press about Mets ace Matt Harvey, one of his bazillion clients (read: brainwashed ...