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  1. 2012 Spring Training IPs

    Any Get any 2012 Spring Training IPs and does any body do 50/50 for spring training????
    let me know please!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Yet ANOTHER Damaged card in trade on SCF...

    So after SEVERAL damaged cards received in trades / purchases on this forum I LEFT. I stayed off here for over a year because of it. I finally decide to give this place another shot and guess what? That's right ANOTHER damaged card from a purchase on here. What is it with people here? Do you just throw the cards in a shoebox like you did with your 84 Topps after you pulled them out of your bicycle spokes? people???

  3. 200+ Barry Bonds and Arods FT

    all there.

    Quote Originally Posted by madduxfan31 View Post
    pm me your list of maddux cards
  4. Jeff Samardzija TTM ADDY?

    If anyone could help me with an Addy for Jeff Samardzija it would be most appreciated and also can help with addy's for the help.

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