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  1. Location, Location, Location!

    Throughout my years in the military, I've been all over the country, and even a few spots not in the country. When I have time available, I always made it a habit to stop by one or two, even in places I was all but guaranteed failure (like Las Vegas for instance). With this unique opportunity, I began to realize the market fluctuations in certain areas and regions. Some were brought on merely by the fact that it was a big touristy city, just waiting to eat up whatever you had in your wallet. Some ...

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  2. Can't find '02 Bowman Salazar Relic

    I've been searching for this card for 4 years now. It is the last card I need to complete the '02 set. Does it exist? I've tried Ebay, Beckett, Sportlots and Sportsbuy, all to no avail. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Card Show Info

    Well the response to a monthly Card Show in Durham Region was overwhelming so we are prepared to put it together. We have secured a venue for you east GTA collectors and now we are going to ask for you to let us now if you are coming and who is interested in being a vendor. There will be a separate thread with the exact info posted on sportscardforum and on Kijiji.
    The skinny details are that while we will be involved in organizing and preparation we will not be selling at the show preferring ...
  4. Woodstock Card Show January 15

    Well, we went to the Woodstock card show this weekend. It was quite different than we remember it, as there were a lot fewer dealers there than normal. It had more of a Flea Market atmosphere, which is fine, but it seemed that there were more records and toys than cards. We did okay and picked up 2 sweet cards (Taylor Hall SPA SOTT and a Limited Logos Niklas Backstrom) but overall, it was a little slow. Did some math and realized that the Expo in Toronto might not be worth it anymore. The prices ...
  5. Trading for the following things, i have some real nice cards to trade

    Im looking for the following things
    any 1993-94 fleer ultra scoring kings basketball
    any topps chrome 2011 rcs refractors of 99
    michael jordans
    deandre jordan
    evan turner
    aj green
    andy dalton
    colt mccoy
    greg little
    torrey smith
    rob gronkowski
    jordan shipley
    beanie wells
    julio jones