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  1. Wanted to buy Shea Weber

    Quote Originally Posted by WINGS-RULE View Post
    i have a 10/11 artifacts Patch tag /5

    i have artifacts 10 11 black auto 1/5 if interested 50$ shipped!!!
  2. Baseball and the Boy

    Still a couple weeks until Keegan's first tourney of the year...

    Practiced late last night, no other practices until Sunday, then back to 5 a week.

    Year 4 here we come!!
  3. An Item from The Upper Deck Blog

    A recent article posted on the Upper Deck blog got the hair on the back of my neck to stand up. Almost sent chills going up and down my spine. I sent a response to Upper Deck regarding this article because it pissed me off I know it won't go anywhere or result in anything because greed rules and common sense and honesty don't matter. What I said is posted below and I believe it 100% but I have removed the store name for obvious reasons.

    I wanted to let you know that ...
  4. Trades?

  5. Yikes.. long time no see


    long time no speak! Been busy with life i guess. No time to blog at all. Started a new job at Sony, so thats always nice lol. Earning more money so now i can put more money into the hobby which is AWESOME!

    Decided to break up my PC and only collect Ben Gordon.. Good choise actually, spend less money on players i dont really care about and spend more money on the only player i care about. Also started a side PC for the man Sir Charles. good times i tell you. Lots ...