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  1. Darrelle Revis PC

    Looking to move everything in my bucket. If not, will just sell on ebay. Please lmk if ya like anything before they go on ebay!

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  2. Looking To Trade Up! CMB!

    Hey guys I'm looking to trade 1, 2 or even 3 of my midish end cards for one nicer high end one. I just want a small collection with a few realy nice cards..Please lmk if you see aything regardless with a comment or Pm! My bucket is in my signature (can't post the link, on my school laptop). LMK!!!!
  3. Back From My Ban + Updates

    Back from my 1 week ban! Glad to be back and posting again!

    Sadly though, probably won't be on too much from now until the weekend as I have finals :/ :/ :/

    Anyways just a short entry and will be posting more blogs again soon!
  4. Baseball - Refractors, Vintage, Parallels, SP's, Inserts, #/ed

    Vintage and completed sets are at the bottom of the page!

    No Name

    2012 Triple Play Stickers #15 Stolen Base


    2007 Fleer Rookie Sensations RS-JB Josh Barfield
    2003 Leaf Second Edition Gold Leaf Rookies GL7 Clint Barmes
    2008 UD Baseball Heroes 132 Daric Barton #/399
    2008 Topps Moments and Milestones Five Doubles 48 Jason Bay #/10
    2006 UD First Pitch Diamond Stars DS-26 Jason Bay
    2006 Upper Deck Player Highlights PH-8 Jason Bay ...

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  5. How did you Find SCF ?

    Quote Originally Posted by MONEYMAKER13 View Post
    I have always been interested in baseball card collecting and i was searching on the internet to see if there was a good website to sell/buy/trade because i want to be more active in this hobby in 2013.unfortunately,i do not have a scanner for now but i anticipate having 1 soon.meanwhile i figure i would "get my feet wet" by scrolling through the site and trying to learn as much as possible from members and the site itself.i would like to know how feasible or not it would be to actually