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  1. Want list

    Mickey Mantle Home Run History cards

    2003-04 MVP Rise to the Occasion
    2009-10 R&S Team Leaders Lebron/Lebron/Lebron
    2009-10 Classics "Classic Combos" w/shaq
    2010-11 Threads Die Cut Away

    2008-09 Upper Deck MVP "Kobe MVP" Inserts
    Jordan Legacy Inserts

    Monta Ellis and some current Bucks
    Josh Smith rookie autos
    Brandon Jennings everything
    Kobe and Lebron ...

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  2. Help Me Get A House

    Quote Originally Posted by whiteonthemoney View Post
    you might be able to buy a house with all the postage costs
    That guy is the. Next zukerberg
  3. The kindness of strangers.

    It was November 28, 2011, and my grandaughter and I had just left her doctors office at the Childrens Hospital of Michigan. I held the door open and she guided her wheelchair into the hallway. We could see a lot of people at the end of the hall near the main lobby. I should explain that my 18 year old grand daughter had entered the hospital in February of 2011 for surgery on her legs, this should have been a 10 day stay and then recovery and re-hab. Murphys Law pops up in all our lives at one time ...
    True story.
  4. To be or not to be ?

    Well we have finally come to a point where we need to actually sit down and discuss where Frozen Heroes goes from here. Our following is growing and while we do this as a not-for-profit fun thing for the kids and local charities we are growing and the legalities are being brought up by others

    We can go two ways about it but the ramifications of it are additional legal costs which take away from the 'pot' that we build for the charities during the year This is going ...
  5. Toronto Card Show

    We were at the Leaside Show yesterday and had a great time. For a show that has never had a Saturday date, it was awesome! Frank's idea to have a double-header was great. Congrats Frank on a great show and a great idea!