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  1. 1990's Basketball Inventory

    GU Game Used, AU Autograph, RC Rookie, #/# Numbered, RF Refractor, I Insert, PL Parallel.

    1990-91 Fleer
    10 David Robinson I

    1990-91 NBA Hoops
    12 All Star East - Dominique Wilkins
    28 Jon Koncak
    29 Cliff Levingston
    36 Dominique Wilkins
    62 Charles Davis
    78 Larry Nance
    82 Rolando Blackman
    84 Brad Davis
    85 James Donaldson
    86 Derek Harper
    91 Michael Adams
    96 Jerome Lane ...

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  2. Mailday Video!

  3. 2013 NFL Draft: Every Position Recap

    Watched the Senior Bowl yesterday. Dang this is a weak offensive class...None of the QBs are anything special, maybe a few quality NFL starters, but nothing big...The best RB prospect in my opinion is Lacey, and he isn't alll that great either. There are some decent WR prospects (Justin Hunter, Tavon Austin, Keenan Allen Etc) but not really excited for that bunch either as none of them have elite potential. The OL is very very good, but let's face it, who gets super excited pulling an auto of a ...
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  4. 2012 Topps Chrome Andrew Luck Black Refractor Auto 12/25 Trade or Sell

    Quote Originally Posted by KardKollector View Post
    Here are some pics. I am actually growing kinda attached to the card. It was my first card I ever submitted and also the first high end card I ever pulled, apart from a $500 2005 Fleer Ultra Triple Kings Eli, Peyton, and Archie Auto /50
    While I appreciate the offers I'm in no rush to sell It.

  5. 3 Sick TTMs!!!

    nice cardsss ;)