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  1. Looking for these True RCs for my PC

    Kenny Stills 2013:

    Absolute Hobby #151A /199
    Absolute Retail #151A /199
    Bowman Sterling #42
    Certified #318 Jsy Auto /399
    Crown Royale #218 Jsy Auto /299
    Limited #218 Jsy Auto /199
    Panini Black #218 Auto /99
    Panini Contenders #218A Auto
    Panini National Treasures #218 Jsy Auto /99
    Panini Playbook #154 Auto /49
    Panini Spectra #218 /99
    Rookies & Stars #151
    Select #205
    Topps Inception #131 Auto
    Topps ...
  2. new user from cleveland......

    Hello everyone I'm a new user from Cleveland. I've have been collecting for 30 years. I have been to 22 national conventions and about 50 other out of state shows. I collect everything Cleveland and I collect press/wire photos Gretzky items, lou Gehrig items and a lot of ttm autographs and in person autographs. If anyone is from Ohio or would like to give me any pointers or tips it much appreciated. My uncle taught me collect what you like, not what others like or what's hot. Collect something that ...
  3. Autograph/GU Cards Buying Questions

    So far, Iíve gotten 1 in person autograph way back in 2004, and 500+ autographs TTM since I became addicted to collecting autographs less than 2 years ago.

    I havenít bought any autographs yet because I could use that money to try to get a bunch of sports cards autographed and stuff like that. But Iíve been thinking about my collection a lot lately, and it feels a little ďstrangeĒ, because thereís no real direction to it, itís just a collection of all different kinds of autographs from ...
  4. If you didn't complain before, why start now?: Talk radio wastes airspace again!

    The following was previously published on one of my other blogs:
    There's a reason why New York Daily News sports media columnist Bob Raissman refers to sports talk radio and its attendant audience as "The Valley of the Stupid". The perception being that listeners---and sometimes the hosts themselves---are ill-informed on certain topics, and when the hosts pass off their personal opinions as, well, gospel, to the audience, then things ...
  5. needing some help on some shops

    Im fairly new to this site and i was wondering if there was a thread or blog to tell you where local shops are located ? Ive did google and it brought up several suggestions, which most shops were out of business. I live in greenville sc and there is a small shop here but i have traveled to north carolina and georgia to get my kicks and meet new people, so any help would be awesome