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  1. Colt McCoy Spx rc jersey auto /99 For Sale

    Quote Originally Posted by asujbl View Post
    If you'd take part trade LMK
    I like your Griffin auto? Let me know
  2. More Recent Additions - 1/24/11

    Here are a few more additions to my Garnett collection over the last few weeks:

    2007-08 Bowman Silver #d/399 40
    2007-08 Chronology Kevin Garnett #d/99 AUTO 160
    2007-08 Topps Stadium Club Photographer's Proof Silver #d/199 30
    2008-09 Exquisite Flawless Autographs #d/50 AUTO FLAWKG
    2008-09 Topps Treasury Mini #d/278 MEKG
    2009-10 Certified Mirror Red #d/250 78
    2010-11 Prestige 7
    2010-11 Prestige Prestigious Pros Jerseys Prime #d/25 GU 3
  3. My 2003 UD Patch Collection Set

    Hey everone, I have posted this in the forum but I doubt anyone sees it and am I really trying to finish off this set!

    The bolded cards are what I NEED!

    Any help is highly appreciated!


    2003 UD Patch Collection #1 Darin Erstad
    2003 UD Patch Collection #2 Troy Glaus
    2003 UD Patch Collection #3 Robby Hammock
    2003 UD Patch Collection #4 Luis Gonzalez
    2003 UD Patch Collection #5 Randy Johnson (SP)
    2003 ...

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  4. FB Trade List

    Will be updating this very I have had a change in how I'm going to collect so I'm about to start trading it off or selling it cheap. Keep your eyes out

    I'm trying to reduce my FB card inventory I prefer to trade for baseball but may trade for something that catches my eye.
    not in any real order tried to keep the players together.

    1983 Topps Sticker Joe Montana #21
    1984 Topps Joe Montana #358 x7
    1986 Topps Joe Montana #156 x2
    1987 Topps Joe Montana ...

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  5. When I got the bug to collect

    I had been a baseball fan since I was real young. My mother and father took me down in 1984 to Tiger Stadium for my first game. Has the game played out I realized this was a major game I was seeing. I watched has Alan Trammell, Kirk Gibson, Willie Hernandez, Lance Parrish, Tom Brookens and Darrel Evans and the cast of pitcher's plow through the other team. It was also awsome to see for the first time Sparky Anderson move his team around like he was in a chess match. Has the game came to a close ...