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  1. FB Trade List

    Will be updating this very I have had a change in how I'm going to collect so I'm about to start trading it off or selling it cheap. Keep your eyes out

    I'm trying to reduce my FB card inventory I prefer to trade for baseball but may trade for something that catches my eye.
    not in any real order tried to keep the players together.

    1983 Topps Sticker Joe Montana #21
    1984 Topps Joe Montana #358 x7
    1986 Topps Joe Montana #156 x2
    1987 Topps Joe Montana ...

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  2. When I got the bug to collect

    I had been a baseball fan since I was real young. My mother and father took me down in 1984 to Tiger Stadium for my first game. Has the game played out I realized this was a major game I was seeing. I watched has Alan Trammell, Kirk Gibson, Willie Hernandez, Lance Parrish, Tom Brookens and Darrel Evans and the cast of pitcher's plow through the other team. It was also awsome to see for the first time Sparky Anderson move his team around like he was in a chess match. Has the game came to a close ...
  3. 2011 Happy New Year and another season ended.

    It has been a fun place to be here at SCF. I have met some really amazing traders and the fun hasn't stopped.

    The industry has gotten complicated, less products from numerous brands, faked patches, overpriced quad cards, the whole nine.

    I've kept it real over the years of collecting. I still take any and all Minnesota Vikings. I take my trading very seriously and I strive to just make deals without thinking of values according to Beckett and what not. Not that I am saying ...
  4. Trade list

    Price next to each card is the

    2008 Upper Deck:

    203 Adrian Arrington RC $1.50
    251 Joe Flacco RC $6.00
    252 John Carlson RC $2.00
    255 Jonathan Hefney RC $1.50
    270 Mario Manningham RC $2.00
    290 Frank Okam RC $1.25
    297 Vernon Gholston RC $2.00

    2009 Upper Deck:
    202 Everette Brown RC $1.50
    203 Clay Matthews RC $3.00
    217 Darius Butler RC $2.00
    221 William Beatty RC $1.25 ...

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  5. Cinderella's wearing green this year

    "When you think you've got all the answers, I change the questions!"---Roddy Piper, sometime in the 1980's.

    Piper's snarky, often arrogant take is an apt way of describing the NFL playoffs these last two weekends. As we move to the conference championship round next Sunday, both #1 seeds have been eliminated in excruciating fashion. The #2 seeds in both conferences will host the championship games, and it's entirely possible that Cinderella's dress for the Super Bowl on ...