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  1. Tons of IP and TTM cards for trade

    do you still have the yankees auto's
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    I'm mostly looking for stuff in my want list that's in my sig. If you don't have anything from that, then yeah, just make a list and PM it to me.
  2. Loads of ttm and ip autos ft!

    do you still have the bernie williams.. if so how mich divd
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    will get photos at request
    dan uggla rc
    demarcus ware rc
    joe montana
    mario williams rc
    aaron rodgers rc
    anquan boldin
    brian urlacher
    steve nash
    steve young
    joe theismann
    lawrence taylor
    cc sabathia
    jim thome
    jaime moyer
    rod smith
    rod barajas
    joe astroth
    blair thomas
    eddie yost
    brad johnson
  3. 1 Box of Update/ 1 Tin of Timeless Treasures

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    If you deiced to move the the mills could you lmk please

    I just redeemed it and I don't do deals outside the U.S. Sorry
  4. Saturday, September 4th, 2010 Mailday!

    Today's mail brought in 3 trades with 3 new Garnett's and one new Ray Allen:

    2008-09 Fleer Genuine Coverage Ray Allen GU GCRA

    2008-09 Topps CoSigners Bronze #d/299 55
    2009-10 Panini Rookies & Stars Team Leaders #d/250 2
    2009-10 Upper Deck Dual Game Materials w/Larry Bird GU DGLG

    These additions bring my Ray Allen collection up to 430 different, and my Kevin Garnett collection up to 1207 different, including 183 GU.

    As always, thanks ...
  5. A bad time for a brain cramp.

    I was about 15 years old in 1960 and I was on a train in Canada. My parents and I had taken a night train out of Windsor Ontario enroute to Bellville Ontario. Some time after midnight we had to change trains in Toronto and continue east to Bellville. We had just settled in to our seats and I was on the isle faceing the front door of the coach. I was about to take out a book and read until I went to sleep when I woke up fast. Through the front door of the coach came Bobby Hull! I froze, I could not ...

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