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  1. Sleeves

    I have had the problem a couple times where the autograph on a card has smeared on a card because of the sleeve. Today I got a totally illegible autograph due to a smear from Kyle Farnsworth. I am starting to wonder, should I send in sleeves or not? Are there other alternatives besides sending without one? If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.
  2. Baseball RC, XRC, and Prospect Trade List

    1981 Donruss Tim Raines
    1981 Fleer Kirk Gibson
    1982 Fleer Dave Stewart
    1982 Fleer Dave Righetti
    1983 Donruss Willie McGee
    1985 Donruss Dwight Gooden
    1985 Fleer Orel Hershiser
    1986 Donruss Andres Galarraga
    1986 Donruss Len Dykstra
    1986 Fleer Update Ruben Sierra
    1987 Donruss The Rookies Matt Williams
    1987 Topps Traded David Cone
    1988 Fleer Ken Caminiti
    1988 Fleer Mark Grace
    1990 Fleer Update Frank Thomas ...
  3. Mailday Blues

    So as most people who ttm, knows when the mail comes and expects to get the mail at that time.

    Well, I know when my mail comes and I want it that time or I'm gonna explode. SERIOUSLY! For a long time I have gotten my mail early in the morning. Like 9 o'clock early. I sleep usually till 8 in the morning and so when I finish breakfast and getting ready in the morning. It's there for me to see my successes. Well lately the mail man is slacking a little bit and decides to give my mail ...
    Tags: day, mail, rage, trolling, ttm
  4. Chris Pontius

    I requested a Chris Pontius autograph through DC United. I got it but I am not sure if it is real or not? I looked up his autos and the one I got looks nothing like his and plus you can't see the marks from the sharpie anywhere. Oh well, that's the risk you take with e-mail request.
  5. WTTF Tyler Myers, Jeff Skinner, Cody Hodgson, Ryan Murray & Others

    if interested I have pair Adams rookie game used Bauer x60 skates $225 plus postage