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  1. Djauwerda's TTM Success Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Ryanpmeyer View Post
    If you can make a Ryne Sandberg custom....I can 50/50 it for you
    Yea, I can do that. I will put one together & get them mailed to you by the end of the week if I can. Send me an addy.

  2. 2012 Press Pass fanfare green chrome auto. 5/10

    Quote Originally Posted by cccupps420 View Post
    lmk if you see anything in my bucket for a trade
    Sorry just mendenhall.
  3. 188 GU Ft for YG and auto rc .... in your favor 2:1 BV

    interested in these in order of preference
    not sure of BVs
    so i listed a few cards

    paavjari heirs to throne
    luongo winning materials
    kesler fotg
    sedin lords of the nhl
    st pierre canadian cloth
  4. Finally Getting To It..

    So now that I finally have a bit of free time, I'm working to get a home/trade page up and running.. .. My only issue now is I'm being overly picky about the whole thing. I'm hoping by the end of the weekend I will at least have the basics up and running. So fingers crossed. And as soon as I manage to get that far, I can start working on building up my profile here, then I'll be all set to start trading with all of you lovely people. Wish me luck.

    - Tasha ...
    Tags: page, profile, start
  5. Hello From Cleveland Ohio

    Hello all. I am from Cleveland Ohio and an avid Cleveland Indians fans and vintage card collector. I am trying to reach out to fellow Indians fans were ever you are!!!!!!!