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  1. Brick & Mortar HEADACHES !!

    Well this is sort of a venting, ranting and pressure relief blog. As most of you know this year's version of Upper Deck's The Cup just came out to much anticipation. WHOOPEE This has proved to be more of a pain in the butt then a hobby happy moment.
    First my two case preorder didn't happen and I only received 2 stinking tins I tried to locate extra tins after getting screwed by my so-called distributor and was successful and then unsuccessful How can ...
  2. Baseball cards for real cheap

    Quote Originally Posted by mcarter23 View Post
    I am new to this I have a small collection of baseball cards and I am trying to sell them.

    early 70's to late 80's

    I have had these cards for quite a few years now and trying to sell them now.

    you can call me or write me on here
    name is mike I am very flexible on prices
    765 438 5121
    I have from Hank Aaron and Jackie Robinson to a bunch of Don Mattingly things
  3. Wttf matt ryan & vick autos- browse my buckett

    Quote Originally Posted by tjmcb73 View Post
    I like Drew Brees

    Thanks for the offer, I already have two of those.
  4. 2011 Panini Threads Jeremy Kerley Letterman's Numbered /450

    I am collecting this set for Jeremy Kerley. The letters spell out KERLEY. if anyone comes accross any or have 1 please let me know asap!

  5. Memories

    Just wanting to share a few memories.....

    One of my buddies who played men's league (where I was a referee) on a rather fast and skilled team a few years back. When I first met him I had no idea who he was but his on ice skill was very apparent and you knew he had to have played somewhere before. Unfortunately he suffered a very serious leg fracture and hasn't been the same since. Kudos for getting a taste of the NHL in Minnesota to my friend George Servinis. Also stepping on the ice ...