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  1. My RC Trade List

    Aaron Brooks 07-08 Fleer 1986-87 Rookies RC
    Aaron Brooks 07-08 Fleer RC
    Aaron Brooks 07-08 Topps RC
    Aaron Gray 07-08 Fleer 1986-87 Rookies RC
    Acie Law 07-08 Topps RC
    Acie Law IV 07-08 Fleer Rookie Sensation RC
    Adam Morrison 06-07 UD Rookie Debut RC
    AJ Price 09-10 Prestige 196 RC
    AJ Price 09-10 Rookies and Stars RC
    AJ Price 09-10 Upper Deck Gold RC
    Al Horford 07-08 Fleer Rookie Sensation RC
    Al Horford 07-08 UD First Edition RC

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  2. How to get payment from somebody

    I have and still no solution or payment

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    File a

  3. Old-time collector rants

    Usually I start off with every post here with a greetings. Since this is my first blog entry I thought I do like it if I were letting you read an article from a magazine or a newspaper. So Today is August 13th 2010 Friday the 13th......(insert Twilight Zone theme) Anyways I guess the reasoning behind my rant is to discuss what I believe is wrong with some collectors these days compair it with when I started off in collecting.

    The first thing I'll point out is simple the cost of ...
  4. Old-time collector rants

  5. I suck at bloggin'

    All most seven months to the day from when I posted my first ever bblog entry, I am not up to par on this stuff.
    I decide to try and sell everything I have, card wise that is, and get out of the card buying business. I looked at the numbers of what I spent in the last year and it floored me.
    What is frustrating me the most is the fact that so many types of cards come out and just as I am catching up on last years I now have to start the current year.
    I picked popular players or ...