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  1. Amazing things that I have seen. Part 1.

    As a teenager in high school I was very lucky to be a small part of a very good baseball team. Due to an abundance of uniforms I got a spot on the team. I got to take a few "at bats" and play some in the outfield. My biggest contribution to the effort was to help make sure our equipment got back on the bus after the game. Whatever! I was given a chance to play a little and I loved it. One day I was in my usual good seat in the dugout watching our team in the field. The other team had runners ...

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  2. Old vs. New


    its round two of this whole blogging thing, and the last blog got 29 views. I was surprised, and I'm sure most of you didnt really care to read it, but like I said, its for the collectors that just might be interested.

    This wave of new baseball cards that Topps keeps coming out with has put me on the fence for many reasons.

    OLD: Who wouldn't want an original 1951 Bowman Willie Mays!? I know I would...if I had started saving 20 years ago. But it's ...
  3. Has it really been THIS long?

    Wow, it's been awhile since I've posted any additions...and I really haven't added that many since my last update...but, alas, this is what I've added:

    1995 Classic Visions Shaq On 94
    2000-01 Topps TipOff Daily Double Jan 15-21
    2000-01 Upper Deck Y3K Gold #d/100 193
    2001-02 SP Game Floor Authentic Floor w/Kobe Bryant GU C21
    2001-02 Upper Deck Legends Legendary Floor GU KGF
    2002-03 Fleer Showcase Basketball's Best Memorabilia Gold #d/100 GU 21
    2002-03 ...
  4. Baseball Cards for Christmas

    Hello fellow collectors...or buyers, sellers and traders,

    Clearly im Historic1985 on a few trade sites and I'm new to all this "online" trading, buying and selling of strictly baseball cards. I've been able to collect baseball cards since I was old enough to...16 years to be exact. so im not an old timer with wisetales of opening wax packs of 50's and 60's Topps just for the gum and using the 52' Mantle to make my bike sound like a motorcycle.
    I come from the ...
  5. My Hockey History

    I started collecting in around 1997 when I was 8 years old. I got into the hobby from being a fan of the new team that just came to my home state Colorado. I got into hockey and it became my obsession. My life eventually revolved around it. I played, collected, watched, played fantasy hockey. I grew up in Colorado and started with the Avalanche. I lived in Arizona for a while and went to Coyotes games, mostly when Colorado came to town.

    Even as a young kid in another teams stadium ...