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  1. News For Wednesday

    Well it has been a rather busy and hectic couple of days. Trying to sort and price about 1500 cards that came in on Saturday, unpack stock orders, open a couple of boxes myself and rearrange my store.

    The new displays look great (if I do say so myself) and they hold a lot of stuff. Got our new Stanley Cup Boston Bruins stuff in. The Champions box set, Stanley Cup patch and the pennant.

    Opened some boxes and pulled the following decent cards:
    05-06 Ultra Sidney Crosby ...
  2. Angry

    I just finished a rather curious exchange with a seller from that wonderful site known as e**y. He was listing a card as "HOT" and the "shortest print RC". I sent him a polite email stating that this card isn't recognized as a RC. The bottom line to him was that the buyer should beware of what they are buying, not that he shouldn't be lying in his posting
    Guys like this really me off. First they lie and then defend their lies. It brings me back to an email ...
  3. An issue with eBay...

    Hey everyone,

    Well, here is another blog about something that has me steamed right now. So, if you care to listen then sit back, relax, and smok'em if you got'em.

    Since its release, I have been working on completing the 2003 UD Patch Collection set to include ALL Base, SPs, and the 62 manufactured patch cards.

    Well, the other day, there was a 2003 UD Patch Collection MVPs Stan Musial patch on eBay. The seller (whom shall remain nameless) had an opening ...
  4. Favroite movie

    What is ur guys' favorite animated movie out there? Comment Below! Mine is Cars
  5. 2007-08 SPx Checklist

    Bold - Have
    Italics - Incoming

    101 Billy Smith [Flashback Fabrics]
    102 Bob Nystrom [Flashback Fabrics]
    103 Bobby Clarke [Flashback Fabrics]
    104 Brendan Shanahan [Flashback Fabrics]
    105 Brian Leetch [Flashback Fabrics]
    106 Denis Savard [Flashback Fabrics]
    107 Dino Ciccarelli [Flashback Fabrics]
    108 Doug Gilmour [Flashback Fabrics]
    109 Ed Belfour [Flashback Fabrics]
    110 Frank Mahovlich [Flashback ...

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