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  1. Panini-How they've done so far

    I remember when i found out Panini bought out Donruss I thought we were going to see a whole new line of products. Though, i dont think anyone really knew what to expect. My own local card shop owner did not even know. I think now after almost a year of product, it seems to be a 50/50 response. Some seem to like what they have done and some seem to feel they have not done anything. If you really look at it they have not changed a thing, other than getting their NBA and NHL license. They have only ...
  2. 2 boxes of topps chrome and 2 rack packs!


    I like your jammal charles and ray rice patch cards... would you wanna trade

    Quote Originally Posted by Huskies View Post
    Check my bucket for possible trade for these refractors
    Miles Austin Orange
    Colt McCoy
    Rob Gronkowski
    Gerald McCoy Bowman Chrome
  3. The Ballgame.

    The things we remember best are the things that we don't expect. If we expect something to happen and it happens we call that normal, and we forget about it. I remember a day very well when something I did not expect happened. It was July 15, 1973 and it was a very nice day, not too hot, just right, sunny, good day to enjoy the outdoors. My plan did not involve enjoyment, it was to cut the lawn. Every Saturday I had a date with my grass and my wife made sure I kept it. This day I went out to the ...

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  4. My Revival of this blog.

    We'll see how long this lasts, but since more people are looking at blogs now. I though I would post.

    First to talk about. My collections, I collect Dustin Tokarski and Paul Bissonnette. And I have run into a couple of decisions when it comes to these collections.

    1st, buying cards to keep up with the collection. Tokarski has new Panini rookie cards and will have a bunch of new cards this year. I can get them at a lower price, most of them. But my problem is coming ...
  5. Where have all the nickel, dime, and quarter bins gone?!

    Hey everyone,
    I just wanted to take some time out to rant/question another thing that I have noticed lately...


    I have been a member on this website for some time now and these seem to be getting rarer and harder to come across. I search this things endlessly; hoping to find a card that could finish a set or start another one.

    Additionally, when considering the option to sell cards, most collectors ...

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