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  1. Melissa's Gabriel Landeskog PC

    Listed below is my newest apprentices PC. All cards must have player depicted in an Avalanche uniform. Anything not listed here is a want. For her traders, please go here or feel free to view my own traders here

    Bold indicates Serial Numbered
    Blue indicates Game Used
    Red indicates Autographed
    Maroon indicates Game Used and Autographed
    Purple Indicates 1 of 1


    Updated 03-30-2015 at 08:15 PM by Rockstartrev

  2. Looking for a good program to inventory my cards that is compatible with MAC OSX.

    I have many cards that are stored away and at one time I had them all inventoried. Unfortunately the program was a DOS based program from ages ago. So, am looking for a replacement. It is important that the program has a pre-established database of cards and current values . My "collection" ends with cards in the early 90s so I don't need all the latest nor do i need to have one that includes pricing updates, etc.
    My iMAC can operate in the Windows mode, but I'd rather stick with ...
  3. Spring training

    Do farm teams (A,AA,AAA) all go to the same Spring Training? The team they are affiliated of?
  4. TTM Question

    i am sending TTMS soon and I have about 5 going to Ft. Myers for the Twins, for 5 different players. Should I send 5 different envelopes to the same place for each player? Or should I save money and send all in one big envelope with a few smaller envelopes inside with the name of the player and the cards inside? Please help
  5. TTM Help!

    I am new to this. I've had my account for awhile but never used it. I want to start doing baseball TTM's.I was wondering when the right time to send out Spring Training TTM's was. If anyone can please help me I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

    Updated 01-01-2015 at 12:45 PM by sportscards11