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  1. A bad time for a brain cramp.

    I was about 15 years old in 1960 and I was on a train in Canada. My parents and I had taken a night train out of Windsor Ontario enroute to Bellville Ontario. Some time after midnight we had to change trains in Toronto and continue east to Bellville. We had just settled in to our seats and I was on the isle faceing the front door of the coach. I was about to take out a book and read until I went to sleep when I woke up fast. Through the front door of the coach came Bobby Hull! I froze, I could not ...

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  2. 2010 Topps Baseball Series 2 Needs

    I am looking to complete my Series 2 Baseball Set. I am getting close. Here is the list...

    336, 394, 519, 585, 621, 631, 653

    I have a bunch of inserts I am willing to trade to get these. LMK what you need!



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  3. I just wasted 4 hours of my life this week...

    ... setting up my inventory. If you have anything you need, feel free to check my trading card list.

    Thanks for reading & happy card hunting!
  4. 09-10 Be A Player Rookie Redemptions/SPX Rookie Jersey Autos

    Hi I am looking for 09-10 Be A Player Rookie Redemptions,and 09-10 SPX Rookie Jersey Autos.
    If you have any pm me or comment below.
    Thanks Please Lmk If you have any!
  5. Rookie, Insert, Refractor Trade List

    -1950 Bowman Niel Berry (Tigers)
    -1983 Topps Cal Ripken #163
    -1987 Topps Barry Bonds RC #320 (Pirates)
    -1987 Topps All-Star set Cal Ripken Jr. #37
    -1987 Topps Cal Ripken #784
    -1987 Donruss "The Ripken Baseball Family" #624
    -1987 Donruss Diamond Kings #26 Cal Ripken Jr.
    -1988 Topps Cal Ripken #650
    -1988 Topps Will Clark RC #350 (Giants)
    -1988 Donruss Will Clark RC #204 (Giants)
    -1989 Topps Craig Biggio ...

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