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  1. Honesty and Deception

    Well I think I've been rather nice for most of my blog entries but after a lengthy discussion with a customer of mine who was rather off at a flea market card hack I decided it is time to vent

    The cards in my store are always posted with the current Beckett pricing and without exception I don't mark them up. Cards that don't have a published price because of scarcity are priced based on comparisons with similar cards and thirty-five years of experience. PERIOD.
  2. PSA or Beckett Graded ???

    On a long weekend here in Canada, it isn't a stat holday just one of those 'we need a long weekend' things so I thought I would do some card shopping. I was looking for a Crosby YG RC to put in the store since I don't have one. I could have picked one up a couple of weeks ago for $200 but missed out because I was otherwise occupied.

    Anyway, I started looking for one of these cards and I noticed some interesting prices for a couple of graded rookies which started me thinking about the ...
  3. Thoughts

    Well I figured without any real exciting news or updates I would take this opportunity to chat about some of the hockey card issues this year.
    I guess the biggest 'issue' was Upper Deck tricking us with Series 2. Only shipping what was preordered and then saying that is it. This in effect drove the wholesale price up from issue by about 75%. Hobby boxes are being quoted on the secondary market at $100 or higher and even the retail and blaster boxes are taking a hit.

    The other ...
    Card Collecting
  4. New Group possibly for shipping unwanted base?

  5. wttf the following...

    Quote Originally Posted by dacaptain37 View Post
    -unitas auto
    -nagurski cut
    -jim thorpe cut
    -dick 'night train' lane cut
    -walter payton auto
    -gino marchetti auto
    -rod woodson auto
    -red grange cut or jersey card
    -forrest gregg auto
    -michael strahan auto
    -terry bradshaw auto
    -reggie white auto
    -sid luckman auto
    -ray nitschke auto
    -john hannah auto
    -marion motley auto
    -tony dorsett auto

    if you have anything, please cmb and