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  1. Capitals Fire Bruce Boudreau, Replace With Dale Hunter

    Quote Originally Posted by MatsSundin13Rocks View Post
    The trouble is Green is injured. With Green in the lineup their record is stellar but without him it is dismal.

    The style the Caps decided to play is mind boggling to me. With all the skill let them use it. Semin scored a lot playing with Ovie and Backstrom but they way they are using him is completely wrong.

    Goaltending issues never help either. Anyway this isn't super surprising based on his coaching style as shown through the HBO show.

    Next up to be fired
  2. Non-Store Update

    Well the Silver Stick Hockey Tournament is over and now is the time for the body to heal. Got to skate some exciting and entertaining games unfortunately overshadowed by some terrible coaching staffs. This is especially true for a team from Detroit that has a coach on the bench who played in the NHL for years. An absolute disgrace to coaching. Another wonderful example of what is wrong with coaches comes from the Kawartha Lakes Region. 13 year olds playing dropping f-bombs like it is the main ...
  3. 1994 Topps Special Effects Football Cards

    1994 Topps Special Effects Football Cards:

    6 Bubba McDowell
    10 Rod Woodson
    121 Carnell Lake
    174 Desmond Howard
    261 Mark Tuinei
    334 Ricky Ervins
    584 Gary Zimmerman

    If you have any of these and are looking to sell them let me know!

    Thank you!

    email me at
  4. Traders

    Well I've been on the site now for almost a year and so far so good. I have met a few great people and a few lazy traders. Is it hard to leave feedback when a trade has been completed?? On numerous occasions I find that I have to message members and ask them if they can complete the trades and leave a feedback. It was important for me to get feedback as I was below 20 rating and I did not feel comfortable sending first my high priced cards. I have recently seen a trade totally removed from the trade ...
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  5. Store & Product Update

    Hi everyone. The move of our retail store from Oshawa to Whitby is finally done. Over 1 million hockey cards, 2 truck loads of showcases and retail displays and numerous car loads of stock made the trip. Now it is just the disorganized mess to organize

    We continue to search for items for our customers and our online sales have been brisk. Next week (Nov. 28th) will see us cracking a lot of newer boxes to build up our current card inventory. We are looking at several ...