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  1. How to Start a Card Collection

    [LEFT][FONT=Times New Roman]You have just recently gotten into card collecting and are happy and amazed to see that you can trade, buy and sell online! But when you actually go online, nobody wants to trade for your cards! That’s because you don’t have very many cards. Rather logical, since you just started collecting so recently. So how will you start your collection? Do you just go to the hobby shop and buy a lot of cards? Or is eBay better? Or should you just buy packs? Read on to find out.[/FONT] ...
  2. Old-Time Card Collecting

    [FONT=Calibri]Several years ago, on a dim winter day, I was wondering if there were any card shops where I lived other than my local favorite Diamond Sports Cards. I liked the place, but I thought a change would be nice. The free box there only went so far, the packs of 2006 Topps only had so much. So based on the instructions on the back of a Topps promotional card, I called up Topps to find out if there were any other card shops in my area. Entering my zip code of 94960, with a range of fifteen ...
  3. Blog2

    So i have just about finished getting all the loose cards in their binders now i have to get all the cards that are in the inserts that are not organized sorted. Going to start on that tonight! As soon as that is done i can start adding to my manager and maybe get all of them listed. Maybe i will get some interest and can trade up to get some better cards. If anyone wants to know i really am only interested in Green Bay and Colts cards while i keep an eye on key rookies those are my favorite ...
  4. Really!? I Had No Idea!

    It was my first day trading online and I had already spent $25. I bought a Mike Mussina jersey card for $6, a UD Ballpark Collection dual for $10 and an Albert Pujols jersey card for $9. To someone who was used to prices at my local card shop, these seemed like great deals. In reality, I probably could have ended up with all of these for less than half the price. I had more slips as well, getting bad feedback; “Nobody ever told me you are supposed send in a top loader and bubble mailer!”. Through ...
  5. 2009/10 Rookies and Stars Longevity

    Need these

    Hey all,
    trying to do a set of pretty much all of 09/10 r&s longevity. I need :

    103- Karl Malone
    106- Dave DeBusschere
    107- Artis Gilmore
    109- Mark Eaton
    111- Spencer Haywood
    115- Sleepy Floyd


    Ruby Base Parallels #/250
    Base Ruby:
    1- Josh Smith
    4- Paul Pierce
    5- Ray Allen
    6- Rajon Rondo
    8- Gerald Wallace ...