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  1. Matt Duchene

    For anyone that doesn't know...I just started collecting Matt Duchene. This is a kid that I first began to notice a little after the season started. He is a player that will be a good investment for any team in the long run, plus he is a nice guy. I thought about collecting him in the beginning of the year and regret not doing so. Someone offered me his young gun for $15!!!!!!!! OMG! Thats a steal if you buy it now. So what I have been doing, has been saving up for his young gun, and have been trying ...
  2. Collecting autographs?

    Why TTM Autographs Are Perfect for Tough Times
    By indyreds AKA Mike Greene
    I know that the economy has been a little rough and many of us are cutting back or trying to make our collection dollars stretch further than before. The county I work in is currently at over a 17% unemployment rate and the National unemployment rate is now over 9%! Many collectors have a much more limited budget for their hobby as we all tighten our belts. While I am one of the lucky ones who ...
  3. Autographs passing away?

    Autographs Hot or Not?
    by Mike Greene, Jr. AKA indyreds
    It seems like there are always trends in the collectible world and I can not help but wonder about autographs in the long term. Will they still hold the same place for sports fans or will they just fade away? We have seen what over production can do to sports cards. Will there continue to be enough demand to keep up with all the supply out there? Why do we find them so desirable in the first place? Will there even be autographs ...
  4. TTMM going well

    I was just looking aroung the TTMM database here at SCF and found out that we have over 1600 new addresses added this year. It is nice to see that we may still hit 5,000 new addresses added in 2010. I will admit that I was a little nervous when we first rolled it out last year. We had a few members who really did not seem to warm to the idea of the database set up at first. It looks like a whole that the SCF autograph community has warmed to the idea alot since then. Thanks to all of you who have ...
  5. Tradelist

    See something you like? Send me a pm with an offer....


    Last Update: June 20 2010

    Game-Used Jersey Cards:
    2003-04 Fleer Patchworks Licensed Apparel Patch Ray Allen #/150
    2003-04 SPx Winning Combos Ray Allen/Rashard Lewis
    2004-05 SP Game Used Authentic Fabrics Ray Allen
    2004-05 Topps Chrome Refined Remnents Ray Allen #/500
    2005-06 Winning Materials Ray Allen
    2006-07 SPx Winning Materials ...

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