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  1. Stepped on my Lebron auto today terrible :(

    Well just want to share this with everyone....... my Lebron auto fell from my shelf today, and it was leaning against my shelf on an angle. Forgot to pick it up and stepped on it.
    Enough said :(...Just a terrible day in all

    Had a hard case on it (wish I had a magnetic case on it though)
    heres the damage..........
    Lebron 06-07 ex jersey auto numberd 1/23(probably my best card)
  2. K9rocco success thread

    Can I get Jack Armstrong c/o home address He went to my High school and I can not find it to send to him Thank you
    Quote Originally Posted by K9rocco View Post
    today brought...
  3. My Refractors and Numbered List

    Al Jefferson 07-08 Topps Orange Refractor #/199
    Al Jefferson 08-09 Topps Orange Refractor #/499
    Al Thornton 07-08 Topps Orange 14of14 RC
    Anderson Verajao 08-09 Bowman Blue #/499
    Andrei Kirilenko08-09 Topps Co-Signers Silver #/199
    Antawn Jamison 06-07 Topps Chrome Refractor
    Baron Davis 07-08 Topps Chrome 1957-58 Variation #/999
    Ben Gordon 08-09 Topps Treasury Refractor #/999
    Bill Walton 09-10 Bowman 48 Blue Border #/1948
    Bob Cousy 09-10 Bowman ...

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  4. 2010 National - Recap

    So this is well over due but, I would like to share my personal experience at the 2010 National. My original plan was just to attend the show one day on Saturday. But, I was able to work out with Don and Tony to be able to have a very large spot between their 2 booths. I had never met anyone from this board ever and to say the least, I was a little unsure of what I was getting myself into.

    As soon as I got there I was greeted by Dan who helped my right away. Big ups to Dan on that ...
  5. My RC Trade List

    Aaron Brooks 07-08 Fleer 1986-87 Rookies RC
    Aaron Brooks 07-08 Fleer RC
    Aaron Brooks 07-08 Topps RC
    Aaron Gray 07-08 Fleer 1986-87 Rookies RC
    Acie Law 07-08 Topps RC
    Acie Law IV 07-08 Fleer Rookie Sensation RC
    Adam Morrison 06-07 UD Rookie Debut RC
    AJ Price 09-10 Prestige 196 RC
    AJ Price 09-10 Rookies and Stars RC
    AJ Price 09-10 Upper Deck Gold RC
    Al Horford 07-08 Fleer Rookie Sensation RC
    Al Horford 07-08 UD First Edition RC

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