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  1. My PhotoBucket.....Check it out and let me know

  2. does any one have paul stanley adress

  3. Highend cards for trade

    Quote Originally Posted by dkkdcards View Post
    Hello to all i have some real nice cards for trade u can see them on youtube under kardkollector1.
    Im looking for the following things
    any 1993-94 fleer ultra scoring kings basketball
    any topps chrome 2011 rcs refractors of 99
    michael jordans
    deandre jordan
    evan turner
    aj green
    andy dalton
    colt mccoy
    greg little
    torrey smith
    rob gronkowski
    jordan shipley
    beanie wells
    julio jones
  4. Looking for Calvin Johnson SPA and NT

    Quote Originally Posted by sprinter28 View Post
    got the gold in my bucket
    Would you be interested in a Rivers contenders rookie auto BGS graded 9 for the CJ NT /25. The rivers books at $300 graded at 9.
  5. 1998-99 SkyBox Thunder Boss

    Images are from


    1998-99 SkyBox Thunder Boss #7 Michael Jordan