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  1. Top Ten Position Players Who Played MLB In 2010

    By Brendan White aka SteakNchop
    After a successful all-time best positions players ever, players that had to be retired, I think I better make a modern one. Baseball has changed quite a bit over the years, so for the all-time list I had to compare the players to other players of their era. With this however, they are all playing during the same period of time so this list should be entirely accurate.
    Note: These are not predictions of future performance or how the player would do ...
  2. Save Cal Baseball

    Back in 1892, Cal Berkeley started a baseball team. The Cal Bears, they were an excellent college team on and off the field. They won National Championships in 1947 and 1957. Year in and year out, they field a quality team.
    Of any college baseball program in the country, Cal provides the most first round picks of any school. Many would consider it the best baseball program there has ever been, with a very good chance of making it to the big leagues from there. Many prospects and stars have ...
  3. Additional additions - 2/15/11

    More Garnett additions over the last few weeks...this raises my total to 1287 different, including 227 different GU.

    1997-98 Topps Finest Showstoppers 319 (graded BGS 8.5)
    1999-00 Topps Highlight Reels HR3
    2000 Topps Team USA Basketball Gold 25
    2000-01 Topps Fight Club FC7
    2001-02 Upper Deck Classic Duals Jerseys w/Karl Malone GU KMKG
    2002-03 Upper Deck Generations Reel Time Jerseys GU KGJ
    2009-10 Limited Jumbo Prime #d/10 GU 1
    2010-11 Donruss ...
  4. looking for cards with first serial number

    Quote Originally Posted by champ1985 View Post
    everything is available for the right deal

    sure lmk what you need
    What is the right price for the Howard.
  5. Your thoughts

    I recently made a trade at a local card shop for a 02-03 SPx Tayshaun Prince au/jsy /1999 which books for $20 and a 93-94 Finest Mashburn bv $5. The shop had the Prince marked for $45, so I assumed that was the approximate bv. I am a UK fan and despise UL so I gave him the following:
    09-10 Classics Earl Clark Timeless Threads Prime /25
    09-10 R&S Earl Clark Team Patch au
    07 SPx Amobi Okoye rookie au /199
    (2) 07 SPx Michael Bush Winning Materials rookie gu


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