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  1. TTM Success #67: Former Broncos Running Back Bobby Humphrey (SECOND SUCCESS!!!)

    I sent a 1990 Score Card, handwritten letter, and SASE. I received a 1990 Score Card signed! Beside his autograph, he wrote "#26" 66 days. This is my second success from Bobby Humphrey! Thank you so much, Mr. Humphrey!
  2. TTM Success #66: Former Seahawks Wide Receiver Brian Blades (SECOND SUCCESS!!!)

    I sent a 1993 Pinnacle Score Card, handwritten letter, and SASE. I received a 1993 Pinnacle Score Card signed! Only 12 days! This is the third autographed card that I have received from Brian Blades! Thank you so much, Mr. Blades!
  3. Perfect Fit Innovation -

  4. ISO/ Want List Brooks Conrad

    Hello SCF community,
    I am in search of the following cards:

    I PC Brooks Conrad and these are a few that I have been looking for,
    2011 Topps Update Series Brooks Conrad #US129 Hope Diamond Parallel /60
    1999 Alaskan Goldpanners #10 Brooks Conrad/ Greg Sain
    2000 Alaskan Goldpanners #2 Brooks Conrad
    I am also looking for any Brooks Conrad Printing Plates that may be available. I'd love to see if any of these are available for sale or trade. Please pm or ...
  5. new to blogging

    Hi I am fairly new to collecting or at least started again after not doing it for many years. I am only collecting football cards as of now. I started with the 2014 bowman hobby box which I was able to complete the white base set and a good part of the diecuts. I also have most of the panini prestige set the needs list is posted on this site. also working on the 2014 score set list is still to big to look for help but if you are looking for anything in these three sets I maybe able to help you ...
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