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  1. If the Eagles made the playoffs, they keep Chip Kelly. Maybe.

    On December 26, the Philadelphia Eagles were eliminated from playoff contention with a loss to Washington. Less than 72 hours later, owner Jeff Lurie dismissed head coach "Paint" Chip Kelly, even though the Eagles still have 1 game left, an opportunity to once again sweep the Giants.

    Of course, the rumor mills are working overtime, claiming Kelly has his next job already lined up in Tennessee with the Titans, which means a reunion with Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota, ...
  2. I collect Alan Kulwicki and need some assistance.

    Thought I'd try this route since going through old forum posts and sending pm's hasn't worked out so well. I am looking for anything on my want list and you can look through my inventory to see if you or someone you know might have something that I would be interested in obtaining. I'm mostly going after cards at this time since the diecast is more accessible. I'm having a difficult time finding the 1993 Action Packed Gold cards, these are identifiable by a "G" suffix after the card number ...
  3. 2015 Donruss Bat Kings #31 Andrew McCutchen

    I'm looking for the 2015 Donruss Bat Kings card of Andrew McCutchen (card #31) to complete my set. I haven't been able to find it anywhere online. Any help in locating this card would be greatly appreciated. If you know where I can find this card, or, if you have this card for sale, PLEASE send me a message. Thanks, Mike.
  4. Still Don't Know Who Signed This

    A while ago, I made a post about if anyone knew who signed this card. I still have no clue who signed it. I got it via TTM. Please let me know if you know who signed this. It looks like the initials are G.B. and their jersey number is (or was) 21.
    mystery signature.jpg
  5. New from MI

    Quote Originally Posted by steelers6 View Post
    Hi. My name is Joe. I was a collector as a kid until 15. Then I went on hiatus for over 20 years and came back 18 months ago. I collect new and old. I focus mainly on individual players and a few sets.
    On the old side- Clemente, Koufax, Don Drysdale, Monte Irvin, 1970 Sparky Lyle #116 Topps, Willie Mays
    1959 Topps set
    On the new side- Mike Trout, Clayton Kershaw, Andrew McCutchen, Giancarlo Stanton, Bryce Harper, Carlos Correa.

    I have some trade bait, especially 1979-1991